What To Do If My Cat Is Lost

What to do if my cat is lost: Is your cat lost? First of all, calm down. Although it is a very stressful situation for you, the truth is that there are some cats that tend to run away from home to walk around the area and thus fulfill his wild cat instinct. There are many factors that can cause a cat to leave home but, being a pet, it will most likely want to return when it is hungry or sleepy, so don’t despair and try to keep a cool head.

What to do if my cat is lost

In this OneHowTo article we are going to tell you what to do if you lose a cat so that you take into account some tips that can help you to find your best friend. Good luck!

What to do if my cat is lost?

Here we have provided you with the steps for What to do if my cat is lost? Check out the steps that we have mentioned.

Steps to follow:

  1. The first piece of advice we can give you in case your cat is lost is to keep calm, is the only way to be able to think clearly and follow the necessary steps that will help you find the animal or bring it home. If you are too nervous, the only thing you will do is have a hard time and be ineffective, so calm down, breathe and remember that cats can escape because they are in heat, to play or because something from the outside has caught their attention (a fly, an insect, other animals, etc.).

Don’t blame yourself and think that the cat just he’s following his instincts but that, being an animal accustomed to living at home, sooner or later it will want to return to eat, drink water and sleep.

2. The first thing you should do if your cat gets lost is look for it at home. It would not be the first time that someone believes that the animal has escaped and, in reality, is sleeping peacefully inside a closet or in the laundry bin, so look for it well around your house to check that it is not hiding somewhere. corner. At OneHowTo we tell you why a cat hides so you can understand why these animals tend to hide in the smallest corners.

What to do if my cat is lost - Step 2

3. If you have verified that it is not in your house, then the time has come to start looking for it outside. The best is that leave the house with the wet can that he always eats or the piece of ham that you give him from time to time as a reward; call it repeating his name and moving the food around so you can smell it better. This is a good trick to get the animal back to the food call.

While you are on the street we recommend that you take the upward view (trees, lampposts, windowsills, etc.) but also downwards (under cars, between bushes, etc.) because, as we have already said, felines tend to hide in moments of fear or stress and may your cat is hidden and it is not easy for you to find it. Calling him by his name and with his favorite food will make it easier for him to leave wherever he is and come to you.

What to do if my cat is lost - Step 3

4. If you still can’t find it, the next step is for you to start give voices the neighborhood and all the friends who know your cat. The first person you will owelamar will be to your vet Well, it may be the case that someone has found him on the street and has taken him to the consultation or warned the doctor, so contact him and everyone in your area so that they are aware of this situation.

You can too use social networks to explain to your friends and relatives that the cat is lost by distributing a picture with the name of the animal and your phone number; ask people to share it and this information will spread like wildfire. bite the neighbors to see if they have seen it or to be on the lookout is also a good idea, as is contacting contact animal shelters. That everyone is up to date is highly recommended so that you can find it as soon as possible.

What to do if my cat is lost - Step 4

5. Think that cats are animals with a powerful sense of smell so a great idea to find it is place your sandbox at the door of your house (above all, make sure that the sandbox is not clean, because that way, it will have its trace); In this way you will ensure that if the animal is lost, it can find the trail and return home. If it is night or if you have just moved into the house, it is likely that the animal is a bit confused and does not know how to return, so calling its attention with its scents is highly recommended so that it can return safely.

6. Next thing you got what to do if your cat is lost is hang posters in your neighborhood and that you specify important information in them so that people can help you find it. What should this poster include?

  • A recent image of the cat
  • The name of the animal so that people can call it
  • Your contact information: Name and telephone (the address is not entirely mandatory)
  • reward (optional)

Try to distribute these posters in the streets closest to your home as well as leave them in nearby establishments that will make all the residents of the neighborhood aware of what has happened.

What to do if my cat is lost - Step 6

7. If night has fallen and the animal has not returned home, it will be necessary for you to go out and look for it again. He thinks that, by natural instinct, cats hunt at night and, therefore, it will be the best time to find him since he will be awake and very alert. You will have to go out again with a can of food that smells and walk down the street calling it; if he doesn’t come to your call, leave the can at your door, window or balcony so he can come home.

8. Another aspect that you will have to take into account is that if you have recently moved house it is likely that the animal has become disoriented and has gone to your old home or is prowling around that area; so go there, fill the streets with posters and ask the neighbors. Perhaps the animal is out there without knowing how to return to your new home and needs you to return to you.

9. For prevent your cat from escaping from home and live in a situation as distressing as this, it is important that you follow some guidelines with which you will be much calmer. First of all, it is worth noting the importance of place an identification chip to your cat that contains your personal data so that, in case of loss, they can contact you. It is also important that wear a necklace so that people who see it on the street know immediately that it is a domestic cat and not a stray cat and, thus, they will provide the help it needs.

Then, you will have to follow other guidelines that can help you not to experience this situation anymore:

  • Don’t let him out of the house: put screens on the windows or mosquito nets that will prevent their exit and keep the windows closed. Changing the habit of going outside is essential so that the cat never gets lost again.
  • sterilize it: Sterilized cats are not as tempted to run outside to find a mating partner, so it’s a good way to keep them from leaving.
  • take good care of him at home: if the animal is well cared for, with food and water, with affection and attention, it will not want to leave home, so take care of it as it deserves, play with it and shower it with attention so that it is comfortable with you.
What to do if my cat is lost - Step 9

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