Kitten Teething: When Do Cats Get Teeth?

When Do Cats Get Teeth? Cats are born without teeth. As in humans, they do not have any type of teeth during the first weeks of life. They come out when they are puppies, but it is important to note that there are two types of teeth throughout their lives: milk or primary teeth and permanent teeth, that is, those that remain permanently in the cat’s mouth.

When do cats get teeth?

Differentiating between milk teeth and permanent teeth is important to understand the state of feline teeth and the care they need. In the two stages, you will require different care so that your oral health is optimal. Discover when do cats get teeth and how many they have in each set of teeth in this OneHOWTO article.


How Many Teeth Does A Cat Have?

What kind of teeth should a cat have? People who adopt a kitten for the first time at home are probably unaware of this fact. In cats, they appear two types of teeth: milk teeth and permanent teeth.

The baby teeth are made up of 26 pieces that will fall out when the final teeth appear. During the transition process between both types of teeth, we must bear in mind that cats hurt when their new teeth come out. We will notice that they are more irritable and that they bite all kinds of objects to calm down.

On the other hand, permanent teeth of felines are made up of 30 pieces distributed throughout the jaw through the following structure:

  • lower jaw: 1 molar at the ends, 2 premolars on the left and another 2 on the right, 1 canine on both sides, and 6 incisors.
  • upper jaw: 1 molar on both ends, 3 premolars on the left and another 3 on the right, 1 canine on both sides, and 6 incisors.

The cat’s teeth stands out for a wide development of the fangs, clearly differing from the size of the incisors (smaller). For their part, the molars of cats work like scissors to chop food, but without finishing chewing it.

When Do Cats Get Teeth?

If felines are born without teeth, At what age do cats have teeth? The answer is at the time they start to suck less, that is, after the first 3 weeks of life. At this moment, the development of milk or primary teeth begins.

The milk teeth are fully visible from the first 6 weeks of life. For a few months, cats have this type of teeth in their mouths and, when the transition to the permanent teeth begins, we will notice it because behavioral changes appear such as:

  • bitesCats bite when their teeth come in. To relieve themselves, they feel a special need to chew on toys and other objects, so it is important that you provide them with some that are comfortable and safe.
  • Pain: we will notice tooth pain in the puppy cat due to a decrease in appetite. In this other article, we tell you how to know if my cat’s teeth hurt.
  • drooling: due to irritation of the gums, the cat drools more.

Periodically check the pussycat’s mouth to make sure that, in the transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth, none of the primary teeth are retained, as it could prevent the adult tooth from coming out. In case of detecting any displacement of the permanent teeth, go to a vet to correct it with the most appropriate treatment.

When Do Cats Get Their Permanent Teeth?

Between the ages of 6 weeks and 4 months, baby teeth remain in a cat’s mouth. From 4 months the primary teeth begin to fall out to be replaced by the definitive ones.

AND How many times do cats lose their teeth?? Adult teeth are permanent, that is, they normally only lose their teeth once. However, if we do not take care of our cat’s teeth, oral and periodontal diseases can appear that can cause teeth to fall out in adult cats. Also, in older cats, it may be normal for 1 or 2 teeth to fall out.

Although cleaning the feline’s teeth is always important, it is especially so after the permanent teeth come out. To carry out this cleaning, you need toothpaste for cats and a toothbrush with soft rubber or a few strips of sterile gauze. If you want to know more, we recommend this other article on how to clean your feline’s teeth.

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