Where Can A Cat Hide? Find Out Here

where can a cat hide? Cats are animals with a very particular character, they enjoy their independence and they don’t like it when their spaces are invaded, that’s why when they feel insecure they tend to run away and shelter in a place where they feel protected. It is very common for our cat to hide and there are various reasons for this behavior, from fear of strangers to the need to be in a quiet space where no one bothers him.

where can a cat hide

If your pet has disappeared and you suspect that it is somewhere in the house, but you don’t know where to start looking, in this OneHowTo article we explain where can a cat hide inside your home.


Why is my cat hiding?

That a cat runs away to take refuge in a quiet place is not something strange, this is a natural behavior in cats that helps them preserve their integrity when they feel threatened. The animal usually does this when it feels stressed by the presence of strangers at home, so it is common that if there are visitors, your cat does not show its whiskers there. Fear is also a common cause of this behavior.

In addition, your cat could also hide because he is sick and wants to feel calm. If your feline starts doing it more frequently than normal, it’s time to take it to the vet to assess its condition. In our article why my cat hides, we explain in detail the causes of this condition and how to treat the animal when it decides to take refuge.

Where can a cat hide at home?

Inside the house there are many spaces that are favorites of these animals, some of the most common are:

  • Under beds or furniture (cupboards, sofas, bookcases, etc.)
  • Above or behind cabinets.
  • Behind long curtains that cover them well.
  • If your bed is not made, it can hide inside the sheets of it. They also love to get under blankets, bedspreads or rugs.
  • In open suitcases and backpacks.
  • Inside the cardboard boxes, one of the spaces in which they most enjoy being.
  • Behind any appliance that stays hot, such as the refrigerator or the washing machine. It is essential that you do not leave space in these areas for your pet to hide or you could put their health at risk.
  • Inside sacks or plastic or paper bags.
  • In furniture that has been left open such as cabinets or drawers.
  • Inside the shower or even in the sink itself.
  • Under or even inside the Christmas tree.
Where can a cat hide - Where can a cat hide at home

Where can a cat hide in the garden?

If your house also has a garden or a terrace, you should look for:

  • Behind bushes or large plants.
  • Behind or inside planters and pots, especially if they are empty.
  • In open garbage cans.
  • Under any furniture or stairs that may be in the area.
  • In the storage room or in any closet you have in the area.

Inspect the quietest places so you can find a place where your pet can hide.

Where can a cat hide - Where can a cat hide in the garden

Beware of unsafe hiding places

Some of the places where a cat can hide are also dangerous to animal welfarethat is why it is important to limit access to:

  • Plastic bags, the feline could suffocate.
  • The back of the appliances, do not leave room for the cat to get in there, this will prevent him from trying.
  • Inside the fireplace or stove, it is essential that before turning it on you make sure that the cat is not there.
  • If you have a storage room, garage or a room where you keep many things, it is best to prevent the cat from entering it so that it does not get trapped and hurt itself.

Don’t force your cat out!

As we have explained before, the cat’s need to hide corresponds to a natural behavior that helps to preserve its safety when it feels stressed, in danger or sick. Precisely for this reason it is important not only to provide the feline with a safe place at home where he can hide, but also to leave him alone when he decides that it is time to disappear.

Forcing our cat to go out will only increase its stress, and may even make it begin to distrust you. Unless he is in danger, let him enjoy his solitude at the point he has chosen.

Where can a cat hide - Don't force your cat out!

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