Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? The behavior of cats in multiple situations is a recurring object of study and, in very specific cases, it becomes a viral trend due to their reactions. In recent times, it has become fashionable to post videos on social networks with a feline’s reaction to finding a cucumber on the ground, something that really terrifies them.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers

The cats immediately try to escape when they see a cucumber placed near them by one of their guardians. When turning and not expecting that element on the ground because it was not in that area before, the scare they get is very great. The frightened cats jump up and run away at a tremendously unpleasant moment for them. What leads them to react in this way for a simple cucumber?

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Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Imagine that, while you sleep peacefully, someone places a strange, elongated and unexpected object next to or on your body that you feel right when you wake up without knowing what it is. It would be logical for you to react in a frightened way, since you would get a considerable scare by not identifying what you have so close to you.

Instinctively, you may believe that this object poses a threat to your physical integrity. Well, something very similar happens to a cat when he sees a cucumber, out of nowhere. If you place it near him while he is eating, drinking or sleeping and he turns around and finds it, he will react sharply.

Reasons cats are afraid of cucumber

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? Completely unaware of what that object is, he will try to save himself from a possible threat and will leave that place terrified. In social networks you can see thousands of videos of cats jumping and running in fear after seeing a cucumber on the ground that they did not expect. The 10 seconds of laughter that can mean for you, are a horror for the feline.

Cats are afraid of cucumbers two main reasons:

Fear of potential predators

The fear that cats feel when facing one of their predators, such as snakes, can be linked to the fear they experience when they find a cucumber on the ground. As cats are afraid of snakes, the green and elongated form of the reptile resembles that of a cucumber, urgently triggering all the feline’s alarms. Thus, try to get to safety by running away of the object you have seen.

fear of the unknown

Neophobia, that is, the fear you feel for the new, is another reason that explains cats’ fear of cucumbers. Just as humans can suffer from neophobia, cats and other animals can too. In strange or unknown situations, they get scared and run away to a place where they feel safer.

It is more of a general fear of what they do not know than of terror for something specific, hence they feel afraid to see a simple cucumber. The problem for the cats is not the cucumber itself, but suddenly finding something moving or stationary on the ground that is mysterious to them and that occupies part of their space.

There are two sacred areas for cats: the place where they eat and the place where they rest. If you’re wondering if it’s bad to scare cats, anything that disturbs these territories, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can seriously disrupt the animal’s well-being.

How to scare a cat?

If you intend to play a prank on your feline by putting a cucumber near him while he is eating or sleeping, the consequences may be more serious than you think. If you’re wondering if it’s bad to scare cats, you should know that cats might stop eating in that space or be unable to fall asleep.

Before emulating the videos you’ve seen on social media about cats and their reactions to cucumbers, consider the consequences that it will entail for the pussycat. They are the following:

  • Harmful repercussions for health when frightening the cat with a cucumber while it is eating. The animal can become traumatized trying to avoid eating food so as not to experience that unpleasant moment again.
  • Accumulation of stress in the cat. Your feline will be especially nervous and irritable after suffering an episode like the one with the cucumber. It will be difficult for him to recover the security and comfort that he previously felt.
  • The trauma of a practical joke increases his aggressiveness. The cat’s behavior can lead to aggressive reactions in the face of any threat.
  • Increase suspicion and the fear felt by felines by nature. His instinct will be even more accentuated, being more complicated to mold after this experience.

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