Cats and Cucumbers: Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? We wonder every time we see the online videos that show the cats jumping in fright at the sight of cucumbers. But why, exactly, do these vegetables scare cats?

Although the combination is not immediate and in the daily imagination those who are not cat lovers cannot understand, cats and cucumbers do not get along properly but can we say that cucumbers are the enemy par excellence of cats?

why are cats afraid of cucumbers

The topic on why are cats afraid of cucumbers is very topical due to some frames and videos disseminated on major social networks in which cats are seen scared to death or trigger attacks in finding the green cucumber in the vicinity of their kennel or litter in the home environment where they routinely live.


Why Do Cucumbers Terrify Cats?

The reason on why are cats afraid of cucumbers is very simple and is called predatory instinct. In the elongated shape and immobile position of cucumbers, cats may recognize other animals, such as snakes, which are dangerous to them, and this causes them to jump and run away. The elongated shape could also recall the tail of the mouse, which is hunted and preyed upon by the cat, and seeing a shape that resembles a prey would cause an alteration of their normal state of tranquillity.

Fear of Ambush

why are cats so afraid of cucumbers

In fact, it’s not the cucumbers themselves that frighten cats. In fact the query on why are cats afraid of cucumbers is that, when a cat sees a cucumber together with other vegetables, or in a fruit bowl, it does not have any kind of fear reaction. But when he is surprised by the cucumber, placed out of sight of the cat, he is negatively surprised and frightened. Even dogs can’t scare cats in this sudden way further proof of how strong and mysterious an animal’s survival instinct can be.

Perception of Cucumbers in Cats

Cats have no problems with the taste of cucumber, which is actually included in their food preparations, and not even with their green color, which they do not actually perceive. What scares them is the elongated shape and the immobile position. In fact why are cats afraid of cucumbers is that the cat can mistake the cucumber for a predator and therefore react with fear. But also simply react suddenly due to the surprise effect. Not recognizing the object positioned behind him and due to the unknown and the surprise effect, the cat reacts with fear and flight.

The Magic of the Genetic Heritage of Cats

cats and cucumbers

It is fascinating to see how, even without having had direct experience of being threatened by a snake, cats still react to the idea of ​​their possible threat. This is possible thanks to the fact that the defense mechanism towards other predators is present in the cat’s DNA, which has been handed down for generations and is present in them in an innate way.

What Does it Mean for a Cat to be Afraid?

We don’t recommend that you try it yourself, because it’s not cool to terrify cats just for fun. It can also be very dangerous for their health. If they are surprised by a still, dark object behind them, of an elongated shape that might resemble another animal, they literally jump in fear and run away.

When cats get scared their heartbeat speeds up, breathing becomes more intense and their body temperature rises, just like we humans do.

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This reaction is due precisely to acute stress. When the cat then observes the cucumber from a distance and realizes that it does not really pose a danger to him, he calms down and his values ​​return to normal. In the event that the cat is heart disease or has particular pathologies. However the information on why are cats afraid of cucumbers, the fear could also have more serious consequences and for more information see our CatsBuz website and the state of normality may not be so easy to find. This is why it is important to avoid scaring cats.

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