Why Cats Knead? Reasons Behind The Behaviour

The behavior of animals is one of the subjects that has been and is the object of recurrent study. There are numerous scientific articles on animal behavior, both among the members of each species and the relationship they maintain with the human being. The case of cats is one of the great examples, since it is one of the animals that most often accompany people at home, along with dogs.

Why Cats Knead

Among the different actions that cats usually do, one that is especially striking is kneading, because surely you have heard that cats like to fluff things, knead or give massages. By nature, the feline makes this movement from puppyhood to feed on its mother’s milk, that is, to make it easier for milk to come out when suckling and continue to be produced. Even so, this behavior extends over time and many cats continue to knead when they are already adults, doing it to family members or their own or shared objects. Why do cats knead blankets, clothes or us? if you want to discover why do cats kneadat OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article in which we give you 5 reasons for this feline behavior.


Why Cats Knead – The Emotional Bond That Cats Show When Kneading

You might think that your cat should knead other cats and vice versa as part of the social characteristics of the species itself, but the matter goes further. If you manage to socialize him as a puppy, will do it with the whole familyor with several members, because it will be a way of express their feelings towards you. In this way, the relationship between you and the cat is strengthened.

In addition, it will also be easy for the cat to love other animals that you have at home, if there is a good relationship between them and it shows that way. your emotional bond. Therefore, do not be surprised to see the feline kneading your dog or any other domestic animal, such as a rabbit or, obviously, other cats.

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Why cats knead - The emotional bond that cats show when kneading

Express your happiness and well-being

Cats tend to knead in the first months of life. Not only do they do it at first to suck and feed on milk, but as puppies, even after weaning, they also have that need, just like meowing or purring, to get attention and receive care from their mother or from you. To the identify this behavior as positivein many cases they prolong this behavior in adult ages.

Therefore, they feel great comfort kneading with you. Is a sign of happiness: you will immediately detect that he is happy with this act and it will be a way to share that joy. If you reciprocate as it deserves, you will have an endearing time and it will be a perfect moment to abstract yourself from the worries of everyday life with your little feline.

Cats knead to fluff up the resting area

Although cats usually knead in human or animal company, they also do it sometimes when they are alone. Even before sleeping, you will be able to observe this behavior in them. It is a instinctive behaviorcarried out especially in pregnant cats in order to prepare a nest or shelter for the puppies.

However, males and females that are not pregnant can also knead with the intention of going to sleep or resting. This is especially the case if they are on a surface that they are not used to or that they need. fluff up to be more comfortablesuch as a cushion or blanket. It is also a way to relax and prepare for the best possible sleep, and in the case of pregnant cats, it can be both to rest better and to prepare for the impending birth. It will be important that you let your cat knead with total freedom so that it rests if you do not want to disturb his sleeping hours.

Why cats knead - Cats knead to fluff up the sleeping area

They love to stretch and knead at the same time

Cats have a special taste for stretch all the time. It is a very common behavior and one that you will notice right away if you observe their behavior daily. In addition, at the minimum that he gains confidence both with you and with the rest of the family, he will knead to stretch out on top of you, the sofa and any comfortable furniture he finds.

He will feel great satisfaction in this way, so do not worry if he constantly repeats this behavior, since cats love to stretch all the muscles of the body. Therefore, many times you will see stretch and knead at the same timebecause with this gesture also they stretch their fingers well and settle to lie down to rest.

Why cats knead - They love to stretch and knead at the same time

Knead to mark with pheromones

Cats secrete their own pheromones with which they establish communication with other cats and other animals. Help them have a sense of well-being, which is why products with synthetic pheromones are on the rise with which you will be able to reassure him and make him more comfortable in situations that can be somewhat stressful. Here we give you more tips if you are wondering how to reduce my cat’s stress.

If you have several cats at home, probably one kneads you or starts to knead objects to mark territory with its pheromones and, thus, make the other felines see that he has a special bond with you and those objects, which, in fact, he feels as his own. They are frequent behaviors not only in this species, but also in other animals.

Another way that cats knead to mark with pheromones is not only using their front paws as they do in most cases, but also kneading with their hind legs and rubbing with their lips, chin, mustache or cheeks, because in these areas they also release them. As far as possible, let him act this way and do not shy him, as it is a natural behavior in cats that contributes to their well-being.

With all these reasons, in OneHOWTO we have tried to explain why cats like to knead. There are many other curious behaviors in felines, so it will always be positive that you continue to delve into the behavior of cats if you have one at home or if you plan to have one, in order to be sure that all your needs are met.

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