Why Do Cats Bite? What Do They Mean?

For play or boredom, to defend or attack the cat that bites has several reasons for why do cats bite? Let’s find out together and understand how to correct unpleasant behaviours.

It can happen that the cat bites for affection, but not only for this reason. Find out the reasons for the cat who bites even the person he loves most of all.

why do cats bite

Episodes of this kind occur even when the cat is not stroked by a stranger, but by the owner himself. In a similar way, it can happen that the cat bites even when you appropriately avoid stroking it in excessively sensitive areas. Why, then, does the cat bite me?


Why Do Cats Bite?

When we are cuddling it and, suddenly, the cat bites us, the cause can be very simple. The cat could do it in defence because it feels threatened and trapped.

In fact, many cats do not like prolonged contact with humans and, carrying on cuddling for too long, could lead the cat to react, scratch and finally bite.

why do cats bite us

Getting puppy cats used to human contact from the first months of life can be a good way to avoid accidents moreover, the relationship with the mother cat is fundamental in the growth of a balanced cat. For this reason, it is never wise to remove kittens from their mother before 3 months of age, so that they can learn and be educated by the cat.

Even the areas of the body that we touch during cuddling could have an influence on the reaction of the bite. Just like us, some parts of the body are sensitive (belly and neck) and could trigger a defence reaction even during cuddling.

Why The Puppy Cat Bites

A puppy cat bites if:

  • She didn’t spend enough time with her mother and her siblings. The first 2 months of life are crucial for his education. In fact, it is in this period that he learns to socialize and relate to others. And thanks to playing with siblings, he learns that bites and scratches hurt.
  • His father is an aggressive subject. According to some studies, a cat that is born of an aggressive male tends in most cases to be like the father.
  • He does this simply because he wants to explore and try something new. Be aware that the cat cannot squeeze or touch. He often uses his mouth to interact with other people, animals or objects.
  • I need something. Maybe he is hungry, the litter box is dirty or he is not well. Some cats tend not to meow in these cases, but to bite. Because they have learned that it is the most effective way to get your attention.
    From 3 months to about 6 months, the kitten will change its teeth. During this time it may refuse to eat and be a little bit biting.

Why Does The Adult Cat Bite

why do cats bite feet

  • He bites because he is bothered by human or other animal behaviour. For example, if you stroke him excessively and continue to do so despite the warning signs, he will end up biting or scratching you.
  • Did you just move or did you move something big at home? Is there a new tenant (animal or human)?
  • You need to know that cats don’t like changes. And the thing stresses them and not a little. In these cases, the cat may be slightly aggressive. How to calm him down? You can use a pheromone diffuser. The most famous on the market at the moment is the Feliway, I talk about it in this article.
  • You got him used to bite. If you allowed him to bite you as a game as a child, things get worse when he grows up.
  • The habits of his master. Cats tend to absorb a lot from the external environment. If they live in a situation where they suffer violence (including verbal) they tend to become defensive. And then to bite. In some cases even to pee around.
  • Some cats tend to bite to communicate something. This applies not only to puppies but also to adult cats.

The Most Effective Strategy For Educating A Cat Not To Bite

The first thing to do is to understand what is causing this behaviour. Is this a puppy and is he just playing exuberantly? Or are you stroking it too much and the cat is telling you to stop?

If you have identified the triggering cause, the next step is to educate the cat or change your attitude if the trigger is you.

How do you educate a cat?

Reward positive behaviours and ignore negative ones. You can use cat snacks to reward him.

Do you want some examples? Here it is

why do cats bite their owners for no reason

  • If the cat is bothered by your behaviour, what you need to do is obviously stop bothering him. (since the cause is you).
  • If the cat is aggressive why do you try to educate him “the old way” (with shouts etc ..) Maybe it’s time to change your approach. Start educating your cat with positive reinforcement. Reward him if he’s doing well, ignore him if he’s misbehaving.
  • If until now you have allowed the cat to bite you in the game, it is important not to continue with this habit. So what can you do? If it bites you, stop playing immediately. (you are ignoring negative behaviour).
  • The third thing to do is to give the cat more attention. Especially if he spends too many hours alone. I know we all live very busy lives, and time is very limited.

I’m not asking you to play him 4 hours a day. It takes 15-20 minutes a couple of times a day. Can’t you twice?

It’s okay to spend 20 minutes with him while you’re resting on the couch after a day of work. Spending time together will improve your relationship. And consequently also his negative behaviours.

Another thing I definitely recommend you do is to give your cat some toys that he can have fun with on his own. These are interactive games designed to stimulate the cat’s mind and body.

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