Why Do Cats Come Close To The Face When You Sleep?

Why do cats come close to the face? The behavior of cats is a recurring subject of study. Many people are surprised by details, gestures or actions carried out by felines, especially those who have one at home. As a result of the coexistence, they observe really curious aspects such as, for example, the approaches of the cats to the faces of those who live with them.

Why do cats come close to the face?

It may seem funny and curious, but this approach carries different meanings depending on how it is produced. Does it do it while you sleep? Does he often headbutt you and even try to rub his nose against yours? To find answers to these questions and to know why do cats come close to the faceat OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this interesting article.


Why Do Cats Come Close To The Face?

The smell of cats is very particular. They have scent glands in different parts of the body such as the eyes, chin, pads and cheeks. When they contact any of these parts of the face of a human being, they transmit certain substances with a particular aroma of that specific cat, pheromones.

With these aromatic substances, felines try to mark their territory or indicate which objects, areas, people or animals in their environment are directly related to them. Physical contact allows them to establish a bond with people and using pheromones they feel more comfortable and safe in the environment around them.

If your cat comes up to your face to brush or rub, he is trying to exchange his scent with yours to show that “you are his” and vice versa, since your scents will mix, which we will not consciously notice but other cats and other animals very sensitive to pheromones yes. So if you ask yourself “why does my cat touch my face?”, will do it for this reason: try to dial, mixing your scentsand interact with you.

Why do cats get close to my face - Why does my cat get close to my face

Why does my cat come close to my face when I sleep?

To understand why your cat comes up to your face and licks you when you sleep, you need to know the term allo-grooming or social grooming. It is about the hygiene put into practice by the feline mother with her young, cleaning them with her tongue during the first three weeks of life. Later, they are able to clean themselves.

This hygiene, beyond cleanliness itself, serves to reinforce the family and social bond between the mother and the offspring. If they are kept together, it will be a behavior maintained throughout life and in coexistence with other felines regardless of age.

In short, social grooming may be one of the factors that explain the doubts about “why does my cat smell my face when I sleep” and “why does my cat smell my face when I sleep?”why does my cat rub against my face and lick me while I sleep?” It will be one more part of the social grooming practiced by him on a routine basis. In other words, it will mean that considers you part of his family And because of that, take care of you. More than for reasons of hygiene, the feline tries to strengthen ties with you with this behavior.

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Why does my cat rub his nose on mine?

Cats quickly develop sense of smell, long before the view. Therefore, they use their nose to find the mother. Over the years, the touch of nose between them serves to exchange informationsince in this sense they receive a lot, and to greet each other.

This gesture of touching the nose and sniffing is a form of acceptance between cats that are not known. However, when it occurs between felines that live together, it is a sign of friendship and of being part of the same family. More than an affectionate detail, it means a confidence booster established between them.

When your cat rubs his nose with yours it will have the same meaning: greeting you and showing you that he trusts you. He tries to return this greeting or show him a gesture of affection so that he feels reciprocated and comforted.

Why Cats Get Close To The Face - Why My Cat Rubs His Nose On Mine

Why does my cat headbutt me?

having understood why cats come close to the face, it is also important to know what leads them to head butt against a person’s body or also against the head. Have you detected this behavior in your feline? If you ask yourself “why does my cat head on me?”, you don’t have to worry about anything.

These gentle headbutts mean that, in addition to marking pheromones, feels especially good and comfortable with you. His trust in you will be total. Also, if these head butts are very frequent, it will be an insistent way of greeting you until you receive a response from you or until you pay attention to him because he wants to attract attention because he needs something. Both head butts and other similar signals are part of the body expression of a feline. He will communicate with you the same way he does with other cats, especially if he thinks of them as his family.

The best response to these headbutts from your kitty is pat him on the head. Thus, he will understand that your feeling of comfort and comfort corresponds to his. When he behaves in this way, try to reward him because it will be a foolproof method of bonding with your cat, especially if you have recently adopted him.

Observing your cat daily you will discover behaviors as curious as approaching your face. If you want to understand all the details about his behavior, it is essential to monitor this type and inform yourself of the meanings of the different signals, gestures, behaviors, etc.

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