Why Do Cats Cry? Are They Sad Or In Pain

Why do cats cry? Cats, as you may already know, are not as expressive as dogs, which is why it is more difficult for us to communicate with our feline friends. For this reason, it is important to listen to our cats when they meow or cry, since they are surely trying to tell us something. Cats have two common ways of talking to their owners: through their behavior and instincts and through meowing and crying.

why do cats cry


If you have ever wondered why do cats cry, we explain, below, everything you need to know about this topic, as well as the reasons why your cat may cry and how you should respond to that call. Take note!


The Behavior Of Cats

Feline communication is the way in which cats communicate with each other but also with their owners. The main form of communication is instincts and behaviorsomething that we see clearly with the example of urine: You will have seen that, many times, cats urinate either in their house or outside it to mark territory and alert other cats. When felines sniff other cats’ urine, they know to stay away from that space.

Another way of marking territory or taking over a space is rubbing on furniture, beds and even walls. Cats secrete an odor on their skin that is characteristic of them and that also helps them follow a trail and find their way back home.

Why cats cry - The behavior of cats

Why do cats cry?

Have you noticed that cats cry like a small or newborn baby? This is because, like the baby, they try to draw attention of the adults. Many meow in a higher pitch than usual, while others may cry with real tears, a fact that you should always pay attention to.

The first thing you should know is that cats do not cry for no apparent reason. Behind his crying there is a reason that every owner should search and interpret. The reasons may be due to various discomforts, pain, or even a possible illness.

If it’s a baby kitten, her crying is most likely due to hunger, cold, thirst, or fear. If the kitten has been adopted and taken home away from its mother, during its adaptation process it will cry often and, especially, at night. In those cases, it is important to give him shelter, make him feel cared for and not lose his temper, since you should know that he will most likely feel better in a couple of weeks.

Why do cats cry - Why do cats cry

Why do adult cats cry?

When adult cats cry, the possibilities are reduced to a call for attention or ailment. On these occasions, it is important assess the context in which the crying occurs of your cat For example, if the cat cries next to the empty food bowl, it will obviously be because he is hungry. If, instead, he cries by the door, he will mean that he wants to leave.

If the crying increased noticeably at night, your cat (or a neighborhood cat) may be in heat. During this period of time it is important to take care of the cats and, if possible, sterilize them so that they don’t get in trouble and end up hurt. In case your cat is already older, the crying may be due to the changes that his body is experiencing. Keep in mind that cats can feel, for example, the same ailments that an elderly human can suffer from.

Normally, this cry is actually a meow. If you see that your cat makes sounds but does not cry with real tears, it is surely one of the options that we have proposed. If, on the other hand, your cat cries real tears, it’s best to take him to the vet, as it could be some kind of infection or eye problem.

How do I know if my cat is crying in pain?

The most important thing to find out why do cats cry it is, as we have said, evaluating the context. If you see that your cat only cries in certain specific situations that you can easily fix, there is nothing you have to worry about. If the cat otherwise cries at unusual times such as when he has to chew or swallow his food, you should be on the lookout, as it could be a dental or throat problem.

The same thing happens if the cat cries when it comes to doing its business since it could be suffering from constipation or stomach pain. In these cases, it is a visit to the vet is essential so that the professional can evaluate it and recommend the best treatment.

The same goes for tears: if you see your cat crying crystal clear tears, it could be some lint or debris in the eye. If, on the other hand, you see that your cat’s tears are yellowish or greenish, it could be an infection or a problem with the tear duct.

What to do if my cat cries?

In many cases, the crying of a cat may be exasperating and distressing. Always remember that his main objective is to attract attention and communicate with you, so the first thing you should do is listen to him, be with him and try to find out the reason for his crying.

  1. watch it: Look at his body and his expressions. For example, if they have their ears back, whiskers stretched out, or tail down, your partner is most likely lying. If, on the other hand, his tail is curled, it means that the cat is excited or happy.
  2. listen to it: the intensity of the crying or meowing are also indicators of the problem that will help you better understand your feline. If it’s short, continuous meows, the cat may just be greeting you. If, on the other hand, it is a long cry or meow, it means that he is looking for some need or solution and, therefore, it may be best to take him to the vet.
  3. talk to him: Cats get used to the tone of voice of their masters. If a firm and medium tone is used, the cat will know that it is a command. Making eye contact and blinking slowly will let the cat know that he is in a safe area.

If you have a cat that cries a lot and you have not yet found the cause, it is best to visit the vet, since only he will be able to tell you what to do with certainty. If you have a cat at home, we recommend that you also read the following articles:

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