Why Do Cats Dislike Water? What They’re Really Thinking

Why do cats dislike water? The behavior of cats deserves an in-depth study in order to understand it. Some aspects of the character of this animal continue to surprise many people, no matter how much they can live with it. One of them is its averse attitude to water: the reactions it provokes in the cat’s skin, hair and body temperature, all these elements are more of rejection than gratitude. For all these reasons, if you try to bathe your cat, it is probably very tense and anxious to escape from the bathtub. His anger will lead him to react aggressively, being able to scratch and bite in order to avoid being bathed.

Why do cats dislike water

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Why Do Cats Dislike Water?

There are animals that hate water, and although the vast majority of cats are good swimmers and cats are no exception, it is normal that it is difficult to understand why they are afraid of water. Even cheetahs and lions don’t like it too much either, as they avoid crossing rivers and swimming except in dire need. Well, some of the reasons why cats are afraid of water are:


The vast majority of cat breeds come from the Middle East, that is, from territories with a desert climate where it is difficult to find large amounts of water. Thanks to the movements and geographical evolution of the breeds, cats have been finding different places and climates in which water is much more frequent. Nevertheless, the desert origin of cats makes them retain a reluctant attitude before a strange liquid for them.

Prudence and mistrust

Another aspect that explains cats’ fear of water is the prudence and mistrust they have by nature. They are not timid or cowardly, but before what is unknown is observed and analyzed from a distance. In this sense, water surprises them a lot and makes them curious. Well, due to this curiosity of cats that they feel when they see water, you may have observed how your cat is hypnotized seeing drops of water fall from any tap. It is something so mysterious to him that he looks at it very carefully. What do you think of these cat curiosities?


Maintaining body odor is another reason cats don’t like water, as cats bathe themselves with their own saliva. The smell of their body allows them to interact with other cats, people and their surroundings, so they usually don’t want to get wet. In addition, behind the ears of cats are the glands that secrete the most, a factor that explains their eagerness to rub everything around them with their head. These glands are used to explore the environment and the closest people.

How to make a cat like water?

Although cats in the water feel some rejection by natural instinct, follow these tips to get or try to like it:

  • It is important that relationships to your cat with water from puppy acquiring a small bathtub and giving him small baths to minimize the fear he may feel from contact with water.
  • To make you feel as comfortable as possible in the bathtub, lay down a non-slip surface. In this way, he will not slip and he will feel more secure.
  • Massage the cat with warm water, wetting her body little by little. Do not hit the eyes, head and ears.
  • Bathrooms must be quiet, without any hurry. Observe your cat’s reaction to contact with the water: he may be restless and stressed in the first few minutes, but gently stroking him and giving him freedom to get used to the bathroom will gradually relax him.
  • When the bath is over, grab a towel to cover your feline. Try to remove as much moisture as possible. accumulated in the hair.
  • brush the hair of the kitten to remove dead hair from its body.
  • Avoid using the dryer, since the sound can make the cat nervous. Let it dry at room temperature.

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Cats that like water

There are cat breeds that really enjoy water, they like to swim, they watch it and play with it. These breeds are as follows:

  • bengal cat: play enchanted with the water.
  • turkish angora: Watch how the water drops fall and loves to splash.
  • maine coon: They are very large cats that enjoy water.
  • pixie-bob: if you are not careful, you will find the kittens in the water. This breed will get into the tub quickly with you!
  • Abyssinian: feline race of Egyptian origin that does not feel any fear of baths.
  • Turkish Van: This is an unusual cat whose nickname is ‘the swimming cat’ or ‘water cat’, these names explain its taste. They are water cats that like to swim!
  • savannah: It is a mixture of a domestic cat with a serval cat, that is, the African wild cat. Enjoy while playing with the water.
  • norwegian forest cat: It is a cat that is used to going through the snow without difficulties and enjoys the water. These cats bathe themselves!
  • Manx: cat characterized by enjoying humid environments. Don’t be scared if you find the cat in the water, he loves it!
  • japanese bobtail: Watch in fascination how the water moves.

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Why cats don't like water - Cats who like water

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