Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Why do cats eat grass? Nature is wise, of that there is no doubt. Flora and fauna have shown us on many occasions that they are equipped with different very sophisticated mechanisms that help them adapt to their environment and survive. The cats are felines known for their intelligence and cunning, and although we are used to living with them, there are many aspects about them that we do not know.

Why do cats eat grass

If you live in a house with a garden or an outdoor area, it is likely that you have experienced strange behavior in your feline friend and now you are wondering why my cat eats grass? Well, the truth is that this is not as strange as it might seem, and the reasons are more consistent than we might think. In this OneHowTo.com article we explain why do cats eat grassso you don’t have to worry about this behavior.


Why do cats eat grass: Is it good for my cat to eat grass?

You have probably seen your cat strolling through the garden and stopping in front of a clump of grass to eat a bit of it. It is also possible that you have seen how, after a few minutes of ingestion, the cat begins to gag and regurgitate, that is, to remove undigested food through the mouth. In this way, the cat extracts any food that has not been digested to get rid of it. But why does this happen? Sometimes, cats that are in contact with the outside capture small prey such as mice or birds and eat them with fur or feathers included. As a consequence, some parts of the animals, such as bones, cannot be digested and need to be expelled. It is here that we find the first answer to why cats eat grass. It’s about a method to take care of the stomach eliminating all the matter that cannot be digested and, in this way, the cat feels much better. In fact, many experts agree that this behavior can be positive for the cat’s health. If your cat has eaten something recently and it didn’t sit well with her, she may be looking for grass to induce vomiting and thus feel better. The grass has enzymes that cannot be digested by the cat’s stomach, which is why vomiting occurs.

However, it is also important to know what foods we should not give our cat, since they could harm their health.

Why cats eat grass - Is it good for my cat to eat grass?

Herb as a food supplement

According to experts, the herb is a supplement to the cat’s diet. The herb contains folic acid, a positive vitamin for the development of the cat and that helps increase oxygen levels in the blood. Therefore, one of the reasons why your cat may eat grass is due to a deficit in your diet, in the event that you do not have adequate nutritional intake. As a consequence, he eats herbs to supplement his diet and provide extra vitamins. However, this is not usually the most frequent reason why cats eat grass.

Herb as a laxative

Another reason why cats eat grass is the laxative effect it could have on these cats, helping them to have regular bowel movements. Sometimes cats can suffer from complications in the digestive tract, in which it is obstructed by the accumulation of food scraps. Therefore, some types of herbs can benefit digestion, stimulating movement and improving bowel movements.

On a regular basis, cats expel hairballs that accumulate inside them by grooming themselves and taking hairs with their tongues inside. Over time, this accumulation of hair is expelled, but it can happen that the hair remains obstructed in the digestive tract, needing help to expel it. Instinctively, the cat knows that consuming grass can improve the situation. It is a way that cats have to respond to different situations.

Why cats eat grass - Grass as a laxative

Are all herbs good?

Now that you know why cats eat grass, you should also make sure that all the plants you have both inside and outside your house are non-toxic. Cats that have access to the outdoors often know what herbs they can eat. However, you must also avoid the use of pesticides or fertilizers in the herbs that the cat eats to avoid poisoning.

In addition, we can buy cat grass in veterinary centers that perform beneficial functions for the health of our feline.

Why Cats Eat Grass - Are All Grasses Good?

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