Why Do Cats Hate Water? What They’re Really Thinking

Water is often a real enemy for cats. Does it happen to all cats? Most importantly, why do cats hate water? When it comes to bathing, however, they seem to be allergic to water.

Fortunately, nature takes care of everything. In fact, cats do not need to be washed, they are always perfectly clean thanks to their saliva and the hours spent licking themselves everywhere.

why do cats hate water

Domestic cats cannot bear to get wet. why do cats hate water? The exact reasons, however, are for now only theorized.


Why Do Cats Hate Water?

The relationship between cats with water has always been stormy. They do not like to bathe, take the rain or feel even just a drop on their face, and to be honest, they are not even very drinkers. But why do cats hate water? We have selected some of the most accredited hypotheses.

There are several theories that would explain why cats hate bathing.

Origin And Evolution: Most cats come from desert regions in the Middle East, where access to and contact with water was not very frequent, so it’s inherent in their genes.

They Feel Helpful: The fur of the cats gets wet quickly, making them heavy and clumsy in the movements, consequently. A wet cat is less agile, shrewd, and fast. This compromises his hunting skills and his ability to escape in case of danger, and he would end up feeling more vulnerable to external attacks.

why don't cats like water

Traumatic Experiences: If the cat has had negative experiences with water, especially at a young age, it will hardly accept being wet. For example, if he has been force-washed or has been locked out in the incessant rain and storm, it will take a while for him to change his mind. Be patient.

Thermal Shock: Contact with water significantly lowers the cat’s body temperature, as it cools the fur and skin underneath. The sensation that the cat feels is far from pleasant, and as for us humans, the temperature change can lead to colds and other health problems.

The cat feels like he’s wearing a wet towel: This is because the cat’s coat did not evolve to be waterproof.

Cats Detect Smells that Humans do not Perceive: They are therefore able to identify the presence of Chemical Elements Present in the Water. These artificial odours scare the animal.

The ears of cats are oversized compared to the rest of the body: This fact increases the risk of getting infections due to the easy penetration of water.

Do Cats Need to Bathe?

After what we have said, it is normal to ask this question. The answer is that cats don’t need to be bathed frequently. The cat takes care of its own hygiene by licking itself.

Despite this, from the age of one year, the cat can be bathed every three to four months. The dull and greasy coat and the bad smell it gives off are unmistakable signs that the cat needs to be cleaned.

How Can We Get the Cat used to Bathing?

Despite being among the cleanest animals in the world, cats can also need a good wash! While they are gifted with exceptional contortion skills, our beloved cat can’t get anywhere with their tongues and bad smells can take over. So how to wash a cat without traumatizing it and without filling our arms and hands with painful scratches?

why do cats hate water so much

  • First of all, it is good to gradually accustom the cat to contact with water.
  • If you can start from when he is a puppy to get him used to water.
  • Start by stroking your cat’s fur with wet hands, gradually accustoming him to contact with water.
  • Encourage him to play with water. Many cats are fascinated by water running from taps at home, some even like to drink from the tap.
  • Do not take him away from the water, rather find a way to make him have fun. he will soon associate contact with water with something positive and fun.
  • In any case, never force him to take a bath. Do not force your cat to get wet, but gradually accustom him to contact with water.

Not all Cats Hate Water

While it is true that cats hate water (at least in most cases), there are breeds like the Maine Coon that has a much more waterproof coat and that, from time to time, do not disdain a bath when possible.

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Finally, it is possible to wash the cat without frightening it. In fact, it is advisable to immerse it in a basin with a little water and start washing it gently. Finally, the ideal would be to pass a towel over the body in order to dry the hair. For more information on why do cats hate water simply visit our CatsBuz website.

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