Why Do Cats Like Boxes So Much? Reasons

Why do cats like boxes so much that they ignore all the soft shelters we buy for them?  Pay attention if you leave a box around, of whatever size it is, your cat will be irresistibly attracted to it and will not miss an opportunity to slip inside it. For a series of very specific biological and behavioral reasons.

Especially the cardboard boxes are an irresistible pastime for cats. Even if he has the most beautiful scratching post in the world and the most comfortable kennel at his disposal, if a cat has a box within reach, then he will pay all his attention to it.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a beneficial addition to the cat’s environment. Sure, seeing your kitty jumping in and out of a box is fun, but the box also performs multiple important social and emotional functions, know why do cats like boxes.


Why Cats Do Like Boxes: Reasons

Now let’s see specifically the reasons why do cats like boxes. The factors that influence this choice are various, let’s see them below.


The most obvious reason is Cats are natural predators and, like other felines, surprise their prey with sudden ambushes. In the home, boxes are the ideal place to hide and escape the eyes of the “enemy” or, on the contrary, to seek safety.


why do cats like boxes so much

Environmental studies carried out on cats taken in an article show that not only the big cats love the boxes they in a sense needs them. The presence of a box or other shelter provides cats with a safe place to hide in times of stress, this is why do cats like boxes.

Get Away From The Problems

Compared to other more gregarious species, cats tend to avoid direct confrontations and conflict situations as much as possible. In moments when they perceive hostility, or excessive attention, the boxes represent a “free zone” in which to take refuge until the waters have calmed down.

A Nice Warmth

Anyone who has a cat will surely have noticed. The smaller the box, the more cats will try to fit into it. The reason may have to do with the ambient temperature. The ideal one for cats is 30-36 degrees, at least 10 degrees higher than ours. And the cardboard – especially the packaging one – is a perfect insulator. If it remains adhered to the fur, it avoids the feline a large waste of energy, the one necessary to keep warm. Better than this.

New Place To Explore

The curiosity of our cat is unstoppable. This is why every box left around the house can turn into a new place to discover. Sniffing, biting and learning about new objects is stimulating for the cat’s life, so it is good to surround him with games to entertain him, which are not necessarily other boxes.

why do cats like to sit in boxes

Yet any box, if filled with crumpled up newspaper sheets, can immediately become the ideal tool for a fun treasure hunt for your cat. Hiding toys, kibble or stimulating objects with the scent of catnip can become a perfect mental activation exercise for your cat.


This aspect also qualifies as fun. Put the toys inside the boxes to entice your cat to jump in and play. Place a few boxes on the floor and your cat may start jumping in and out of the box to box. Combine the use of a cardboard box with its interactive game, so your kitty can whiz in and out.

Olfactory Enrichment

When you first place a box on the floor, your cat will not belong in carrying out a thorough olfactory exploration. Many cats, in fact, perform a real olfactory investigation and if the box in question served as a container for food or pet supplies, expect that investigation to last for a long time.

why do cats like boxes?

In case your cat doesn’t react well to unfamiliar smells, put a clean soft sock on your hand, gently scrub the cat’s cheeks to pick up some facial pheromones, and then rub the sock on the corners of the box. This will help foster a faster feeling of familiarity and comfort and this is why do cats like boxes.

Perfect Place to be Alone

We also know that cats aren’t the most loving and playful animals, right? They prefer to leave them alone, in their own time. And what better way to get into a box and nobody bothers you? In the end, I should also fit in a box, it would save me a lot of trouble.

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What do you think of these reasons why do cats like boxes. To me, they talk exactly about what cats are. And you still have a lot to know about your pet, how about you know why cats always fall on their feet? Impossible not to be curious to know.

In general, the box is synonymous with safety, because it gives the cat a “free zone” in which to take refuge and keep the rest of the world out. Try putting one or many cardboard boxes at your cat’s disposal and see how he reacts, he will surely have fun and you will know why do cats like boxes. For more information visit our CatsBuz website.

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