Why Do Cats Like The Sun?

Why do cats like the sun? Perhaps you have seen your feline look for the sun’s rays that sneak through the window and stretch out, this is quite normal behavior, but there are many myths that exist about whether the sun is good for them or not. What is clear is that cats like the heat and their body asks for it, that’s why you’ll see them curling up in bed or on that chair you just got up from. In this OneHowTo article, you will discover why do cats like the sun.

Why do cats like the sun?


Why do cats like the sun?

Here we have provided you with the reasons Why do cats like the sun. So, make sure to check them. Reasons why do cats like the sun:

The sun balances your body heat

Cats look for the sunniest place to sleep simply because they like the feeling of warmth and somehow the sun allows them to balance the loss of temperature that their body suffers while they sleep, which is in fact what they do the most.

Some experts insist that the sun is good for cats because it helps them assimilate vitamin DHowever, it is said that this contribution is quite insignificant since the cat’s hair does not allow the passage of ultraviolet rays. For this reason, it is necessary to provide your feline with an adequate diet, because this is where the largest amount of vitamins it needs comes from.

Why cats like the sun - The sun balances their body heat

The heat gives them pleasure

If we humans already like to have a nap in the sun, we couldn’t expect less from cats and another of the reasons for why do cats like the sun it is because it gives them pleasure, it should be noted that it is not necessarily the sun that attracts them, but the source of heat that it means.

There are many other reasons why cats should be in the sun, such as wound healing, but it has been shown that a domestic cat can live without it, although the healthiest thing is that there is a corner between the sun and the cat You can take your long naps.

Why cats like the sun - Heat gives them pleasure

Beware of excesses

It is necessary to emphasize that it is not the same that your cat is exposed to the sun in winter or spring than in summer. It is clear that it is this time of year that you should be more vigilant since the very intense sun and excessive heat can cause your cat to suffer a heatstrokethat is why below we give you some information so that you can know if it is indeed one and how to solve it.

Signs of heatstroke in cats

Although sunbathing is beneficial for both humans and animals, you need to pay attention in seasons where temperatures are very high so that your cat does not suffer from heatstroke, some of the signs that it may present are:

  • We already know that felines have a tendency to be lazy but when a cat has a heat stroke it will be lazier than usual.
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
  • Blue discoloration of the gums.
  • sudden vomiting
  • Staggering when walking.
Why Cats Like the Sun - Signs of Heat Stroke in Cats

First aid in case of heat stroke

The most important thing is to take your cat to the vet, however this will not always be possible to do it as quickly as it deserves, so it will be necessary for you to know some first aid in case of heatstroke in cats:

  • Moisten your head and neck with a cloth of warm water. Don’t wrap it.
  • Give him water to drink, but not in excess, in case he doesn’t want to, just moisten his mouth.
  • Run an ice cube over your nose, armpits, and groin.
  • Keep control of his temperature by placing compresses on his head.

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