Why Do Cats Make Kibble?

Why do cats make kibble? The behavior of cats is an object of continuous study. Living with a feline allows us to observe details on a daily basis that never cease to amaze and that, although they seem funny or even a way of playing, actually have a deeper meaning. In this sense, rolling on the ground and making the croquette is a recurring gesture among the kittens.

Why do cats make kibble

Probably, you have detected that your cat makes the croquette on the floor, but no matter how hard you try to find an explanation for this behavior, you cannot figure it out. To discover why do cats make kibble and the different meanings of this movement, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.


Why Do Cats Make Kibble?

If you cat is kibbling and want to know what does it mean, then in the article we will discuss reasons about Why do cats make kibble? So, make sure to read the entire article.

Is in heat

During the heat, the cats make the kibble and roll on the ground to leave a trail of pheromones on it. These are of great importance in cats, since they are used to communicate with other cats. Thus, when they are in heat, they rub themselves against the ground to tell the others that they want to mate.

Therefore, if your cat lies on the floor a lot and you don’t know why, zeal is one of the answers. All felines have a different behavior at this stage, but one of the most common gestures is rolling on the ground, especially female cats, as this is how they spread pheromones and attract males to mate.

If you want to know more about this season of felines, in this other article from OneHOWTO we tell you what heat is like in cats.

Mark the territory

“My cat makes the croquette.” This question is present in the minds of many people with felines in their home. One of the reasons is the desire to mark territory, thus keeping distances and keeping others away. felines that could be competition.

Pheromones once again play a major role in wallowing on the ground and marking territory. Giving off a characteristic odor allows cats to leave the necessary trace to demonstrate that that area is yours. You will notice that your cat makes the croquette when he feels threatened by something or distrusts the presence of unknown people.

It is hot and cool

Cats have a higher body temperature than other animals, so they like to sleep near heating radiators and bask in the sun. Even so, during the summer They also suffer from high ambient temperatures and can suffer heat stroke.

To cool off on very hot days, your cat will drink plenty of water and rest in the most ventilated places. It will also roll around on the ground, especially if it is cool touch materials such as marble, granite and wood. Therefore, making the croquette on the floor at home will be one more way to cool off for your cat.

Why cats make kibble - It's hot and it cools down

Try to get your attention

The things that cats do and their meaning usually have a logical component as a common denominator. when your feline is bored, lonely or wants somethinglooks for you to try to get your attention in any way.

To try to get your attention, he will do all sorts of things. For example, he will try to show you his belly and make a croquette to surprise you. If he achieves his goal, you will cuddle him, he will calm down and stop doing these movements. In this way, you will know what is the main reason why your cat crawls on the ground and even meows.

Scratches with the ground

Another reason why your cat rolls on the floor It is the desire to scratch some part of the body. Its elasticity allows it to scratch many body parts with its paws, but it cannot reach all of them. To ease that itch in an area where you can’t scratch, you’ll opt to make the kibble. You can also rub it with an object to stop the itching.

Enjoy catnip

Catnip is a delicacy for most cats. Also known as catnip, has a relaxing effect in felines. Spreading this herb on the ground, your cat will begin to roll on the ground, making the croquette.

The pussycat will try to contort in different directions to enjoy the effects produced by catnip, whose appearance is similar to peppermint and mint: it has green leaves, jagged edges and a height that ranges between 20 and 60 centimeters .

Want to play

When your cat wants to play with you or other animals, they will use different behaviors to try to communicate it. One of them is to roll around on the floor or make the croquette on any surface. In addition, he will do it very close to you so that you can see it and understand that want to have fun.

If you notice that your feline is rolling on the ground, make gestures for him to come closer and play with you or give him one of his toys. In this way, you will spend an endearing moment playing together. He will appreciate this fun time with you and it will serve to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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