Why Do Cats Move Their Ears – 5 Steps

Why do cats move their ears? If you have observed cats, you have probably seen that their ears move to different points, lowering only one, or even while turning their head to see how they direct them to another side. In addition to being a means of bodily expression, the ears are something like satellite dishes that can pick up any sound iEven some inaudible to humans. It is a great ability that comes from the feline ancestors when they lived in the wild as hunters. At OneHowTo.com we tell you Why do cats move their ears?

Why do cats move their ears

Why do cats move their ears: Steps to follow


Cats have this prodigious ability thanks to the 32 muscles they have in each of their ears and thanks to them they can perform movements up to 180 degrees to be able to know where any sound source is coming from. To give you an idea of ​​his special hearing ability, human beings have 6 muscles in each ear and most of the time people are not able to move them. This information will help you understand the incredible hearing capacity of cats.


But the cat earsapart from being extraordinary parabolic antennas to listen better and capture any noise coming from the environment, they are also a communication way. With movable ears, your cat may be expressing many moods; You will be able to know how your feline feels just by observing the different postures that his auditory pavilions adopt.

Along with their tails, eyes, and whiskers, cats have many ways to communicate and express their mood. Find out what your cat means with its peculiar ear movements in our article on the meaning of cat postures.

Why cats move their ears - Step 2


As cats can move their ears 180 degrees, this great mobility gives them a wonderful communication capacity since they can move their ears up, down, sideways, flatten, or even go back. If your cat’s ears are up is that he is happy and satisfied, it is a clear sign of love and trust towards you. If they are in that position and in constant movement, it is that your cat is directing them towards each sound that he hears.

Why cats move their ears - Step 3


If your cat’s ears are flattened to the sides, it is a sign of submission. When several cats are fighting, it is common for their ears to be flattened to avoid injuries and wounds. It is a way to protect yourself from the aggressions of others. If your cat points his ears forward at a certain angle, he is angry and is showing his aggressive character in a certain way. It is a warning sign that is worth understanding so as not to get scared.

Why cats move their ears - Step 4


If your cat has ears to the sides it means that it is alert or somewhat restless. The best way to tell if your feline is calm and relaxed is to see that they are planted up. If it puts its ears in a horizontal position and lowers them laterally, it means that it is on the defensive and in an attack pose. Look at your pet and know everything that his ears can tell you.

Why cats move their ears - Step 5

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