Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? Reasons You Need To Know

On average, cats sleep 13 to 16 hours a day. But why do cats sleep so much? This is one of the most common questions among us domestic tiger flatterers. It is not uncommon, in fact, to realize how much our cat sleeps, especially when it is a little later in life.

Have you noticed that your cat is sleeping more than usual lately? Everyone knows that cats are great sleepers, who spend most of the day dozing and then go back to being more active at night. But sometimes it happens that the cat tends to sleep even more hours than it usually does.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

Did you know that your cat sleeps at least twice as much as you do? Surely you have noticed. If a man sleeps an average of 6 to 9 hours a day, a cat can easily get 16, if not 20 hours of sleep. He practically spends ⅔ of his life sleeping. There are only two other species that sleep more than a cat: possums and bats. Know more on why do cats sleep so much from us.


Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? Reasons

The cat sleeps because it needs it, especially for a matter of well-being. It is obvious that in some cases, especially when it comes to domestic cats, they sleep out of sheer boredom, perhaps because they have nothing to do and no one to interact with.

So be sure to entertain your cat when she’s awake during her free time. All you need is a ball or a thread and that’s it. Street cats, on the other hand, have to work hard to get food and not starve, restore their bodies and stock up on energy during sleep.

why do cats sleep so much in winter

The hours of sleep also depend on the breed, age, general health and temperament and character of the cat. Each one has different characteristics. You must also know that cats are enteropathic and when it rains and it is cold, in all probability they will hide in their padded kennel, in spite of bad weather. Know more on why do cats sleep so much.

Cats are Crepuscular Animals

There is one thing about the behaviour of cats that is always good to remember they are crepuscular animals. This means that they are particularly awake from dusk to dawn and begin to become seriously active from midnight. Ergo, when in the morning you are about to leave the house to go to work, your cat will look at you slyly and blissfully curl up to continue his rest.

Cats Sleep a lot to Conserve Energy

Does your cat go crazy at night? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal. Cats have predator psychology and are programmed to hunt, especially at night. Even if domesticated and accustomed to the home life, they do not lose this attitude and when darkness falls, they suddenly rush towards their prey, unleashing moments of terror for the unsuspecting masters who are sleeping peacefully.

Hunting, you know, requires a lot of energy, so whether your cat is chasing a fake fabric mouse or a bird in the garden, during the day it must sleep to gain all the vitality it needs.

Cats love Naps

why do cats need so much sleep

Just like people, cats are known to be able to doze off, but also to fall into a deep sleep. When your cat takes a nap, he will position his body in a way that favours an agile and sudden sprint, so that he is ready to face all kinds of dangers. This phase usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

Meaning of the Positions of the Cat when Sleeping

Often the positions of the cat when he sleeps can tell us a lot about our cat’s sleep. Let’s see specifically.

The Cat Sleeps in the Crescent

If he sleeps in a crouching position that resembles a crescent and has his tail wrapped around his body. It means that your cat feels no threat or danger nearby. Cats usually sleep in this position in cold weather when they want to retain a little more heat.

The Cat is Hiding Under the Covers

cats sleeping

The cat sleeps hidden under the blankets, in the drawers, in the boxes. Safe and sheltered corners and furniture coverings offer Micio safety, warmth and comfort. Just what the cat is looking for in order to sleep.

The Cat is not Fully Stretched Out

Cats that sleep semi-reclining and with their front legs, in a position reminiscent of that of prayer, could mean that they do not feel safe and, if needed, be able to escape quickly. It does not necessarily mean that the cat is afraid, but it can simply indicate that it is on alert.

how much do cats sleep

This sleeping position can also be a sign of a health problem. If your cat has asthma or pneumonia, he will sleep like that to avoid compressing his lungs, and this is a fact on why do cats sleep so much.

The Position of the Eyes and Ears

Even cats that sleep with their eyes half-closed and ears stretched out are on alert and will wake up at the slightest noise, sleeping a restless sleep.

Most cats fall asleep when they are in a high state of alert. For the first few minutes, they remain on guard, before falling into a deeper sleep.

The Cat Sleeps on its Stomach

Finally, when the cat sleeps with its belly upwards it means that it feels safe and happy. This type of sleeping position makes the cat’s body extremely vulnerable. This is a simply reason why do cats sleep so much.

If a cat lays on his back while he sleeps, it means that he unconditionally trusts the situation he is in.

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It is clear that the cat sleeps a lot. That’s why they are the favourite pet of many, this is why do cats sleep so much. They don’t require the same attention as dogs and they don’t have their own energy to discharge. Cats are lazy animals, so when your kitty sleeps too much, don’t worry. Let him rest in peace, this is his nature. Only if you notice any abnormal changes in his behaviour is a visit to the veterinarian advisable. For more information simply visit our CatsBuz website.

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