Why Does My Cat Accompany Me To The Bathroom?

Why does my cat accompany me to the bathroom? The character and behavior of the cat is an element of continuous study and analysis. The behavior of the feline has some basic characteristics, but as time goes by, new aspects are discovered that allow us to know more exactly the reasons that lead it to carry out certain actions. In this way, people are more prepared to live with these animals.

Why does my cat accompany me to the bathroom

If you have one or more cats at home, you will have detected some surprising behaviors. One of them is that it follows you every time you go to the bathroom. Maybe you thought at first that it was a coincidence, but it really is not. To solve your doubts about “Why does my cat accompany me to the bathroom?“, we recommend that you continue reading this OneHOWTO article in which we talk about some of the possible reasons why it has this behavior and how to get it to stop doing it when you prefer it not to.


Why Does My Cat Accompany Me To The Bathroom?

Here we have provided you with the possible reasons for your question Why does my cat accompany me to the bathroom? Check them out to know the reasons behind that.

He is hot and wants to cool off

Ask you “Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom?” has different responses depending on the situation, that is, it can do so for various reasons. One of them is temperature: in the hottest months, that is, in summer, your cat will look for cool places where it can rest comfortably .

For this reason, he will go with you to the bathroom since he will be able to stretch and lie down on the cold tiles as it is one of the coolest places at home. By avoiding a great impact of the sun, the temperature does not rise as much as in other rooms.

In this way, your cat will want to spend some time in the bathroom taking advantage of the fact that you are heading there. In any case, prevent the cat from being exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time and to high temperatures so as not to take risks and prevent it from suffering heat stroke. Here we tell you more about How to take care of a cat in summer.

Find your company

You go to the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom and it is always with you, so thinking “my cat follows me everywhere” is understandable in this case, but also a possible sign of search for your company. If you spend a large part of the day away from home, this behavior is completely normal.

The feline will want to take advantage of all the moments in which you are present at home, so it will accompany you practically at all times regardless of the room you go to. If, in addition to going to the bathroom with you, he wants to sleep in your bed or be caressed on the sofa, it will be his way to value your company and show affection.

However, if he usually doesn’t do it and one day he does it all the time, it may be because something is wrong with him, so check his health. Here you can learn about How to know if my cat is sick.

Why my cat accompanies me to the bathroom - Look for your company

Want to drink fresh water

Not being very clear about what it means when your cat follows you to the bathroom is normal, since many people are surprised by this behavior. However, we have already analyzed a couple of reasons that can justify this cat behavior, but there is more. Another reason that can explain it is that it wants to drink cold water: no matter how much you pour it into its usual drinker, especially in summer it will heat up quickly due to the high temperatures.

So that the water in the bowl does not heat up and prevent it from accompanying you to the bathroom for this reason, buy a water source designed for cats. Thus, your feline will be able to drink fresh water with more frenquency.

For you to learn more about the topic of drinking water for cats, we recommend these other articles on How much water should a cat drink a day, Why does my cat not drink water and Is it normal for my cat to drink a lot of water?

Why does my cat accompany me to the bathroom - He wants to drink fresh water

Find very funny toys

The bathroom is a very attractive place for cats. In this corner of the home you can find a great multitude of objects, products and furniture that will arouse curiosity. Jumping into the bidet, getting into the bathtub and observing all the pots you have placed in the bathroom will be an adventure for your feline.

In addition, objects such as a comb, a towel or a roll of toilet paper become perfect toys for your cat to spend a very entertaining time. Therefore, if you go to the bathroom and leave the door open, don’t be surprised to turn around and find that he is already playing with some object. Due to this, we recommend that you keep any product that could be dangerous for the cat in a safe place.

We advise you to take a look at this other article on 5 fun exercises for my cat, so he may use bathroom objects much less for entertainment.

Why my cat accompanies me to the bathroom - Find very funny toys

How do I get my cat to stop following me to the bathroom?

Now that you know why your cat goes with you to the bathroom, you may also be looking for a way to avoid it, at least in certain situations. To get him to stay in the living room or another area of ​​the house instead of following you to the toilet, at OneHOWTO we give you the following tips so that your cat does not get into the bathroom with you:

  • Teach your cat that it is not a suitable place for him. They are animals with great intelligence, so it should not be very difficult for you to achieve it.
  • Find stimuli to correct this behavior. Prohibition is not the ideal way for a cat to stop doing an action; Patience is essential to achieve it. Avoid punishing or scolding him.
  • Bet on positive reinforcement and every time you go to the bathroom and your cat does not follow you to the bathroom, make him see that he has behaved correctly by congratulating him, giving him caresses and even a treat as soon as you leave the toilet and see him.
  • Power the areas of the home enabled for the cat. Try not to miss anything, placing a variety of toys, food and fresh water. Also, make sure that these areas are not exposed to the sun so that they do not suffer too much heat.
  • Pay attention to him and spend as much time as possible with him. Thus, he will not have as much need to accompany you around the house to show his affection towards you and receive him.

Now that you know why cats go to the bathroom with you, you may also be interested in knowing why my cat sleeps with me.

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