Why Does My Cat Attack Visitors?

Why does my cat attack visitors? There are many people who wonder why your feline is aggressive or try to attack strangers. And before making a drama and making a bad decision, we recommend that you think carefully about the situation. Does your cat get nervous with visitors? He doesn’t like a lot of noise at home? Does he Attack directly or does he try it as a warning?

Why Does My Cat Attack Visitors?

It is very important to understand your cat’s behavior because it will be of great help to know how to react. At OneHowTo.com we tell you why your cat attacks visitors.

Why does my cat attack visitors: Steps to follow

1. To know why your cat attacks visitors the first thing we need to find is the source of his attitude. The most common thing is that a feline is aggressive because he has a certain contact intolerance. That degree of tolerance will depend on each pet: there are some that allow themselves to be touched without a problem and without a time limit; there are others who like fair contact and when they get overwhelmed they leave without any incident. There are also others who just can’t stand it.

These cases must know how to manage them and be patient. One has to understand and respect your pet’s needs and not force situations. There are cats that don’t like to have their head, or belly, or tail touched… or maybe any part of their body, so they can react by hissing, scratching or, in the worst case, biting.

2. A very common situation is that a cat climbs onto our lap and we spontaneously begin to touch it. The key here is in knowing how to detect when your cat is sending you warning signals before it attacks and this should also be applied when visitors come to the house and your cat wants to sit on them.

If your cat quickly wags its tail, licks itself compulsively, its pupils dilate, or if it moves its ears back… you better stop petting him. If you don’t, your cat may bite you to make you stop. Each feline is a world, so if you pay attention you will avoid attacks. This is valid for you and for any visitor who comes home.

Why does my cat attack visitors - Step 2

3. It is important that you understand that the fact that your cat does not want you to touch it, Doesn’t mean I don’t love you Or don’t want to be with you. It is essential that you accept this because it is very possible that your pet loves your company and even being on you but does not want to be handled.

If you want to touch your feline it is necessary pay attention to signs. A good recommendation to improve the relationship between cat and human is to play. If your cat does not want a lot of pampering, he may really enjoy games, especially those that involve accessories such as fishing rods, laser pointers… etc. It can be a good idea for visitors to entertain and interact with the little one and avoid potential petting attacks.

In this OneHowTo article we give you the meaning of cat postures.

Why does my cat attack visitors - Step 3

4. However, there cats that are aggressive constantly with strangers. The origin of this behavior is that they have no tolerance for physical contact. In these cases, it is very common that, when new visitors arrive at home, the cats come closer because they are extremely curious instead of hiding. And, in the end, what starts out of curiosity can end in a attack on visitors.

The continued physical contact with caresses it will end up attacking, scratching or hissing. That is why it is essential to look at the cat’s body language so as not to reach this situation. With anticipation, visits are not a drama and it is not advisable to notify people of the cat’s behavior, because fear is smelled by the league, it is better that they behave naturally and respect the feline’s vital space .

Why does my cat attack visitors - Step 4

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