Reasons Why Does My Cat Have A Dry Nose?

Why does my cat have a dry nose? Owners can be very protective of our pets, especially when we see something happen to them and we don’t understand why. One of these concerns is when our cat’s nose becomes dry. At this point, we have always heard myths that, for example, if a cat has a dry snout, it is that he is sick or has a fever.

Why Does My Cat Have A Dry Nose?

This is not true and, since it is not, in aHOWTO we have prepared this article from why is my cat’s nose dry so you understand why.


Listless Cat And Dry Nose

There are many myths that say that the state of the cat’s nose indicates its state of mind. In this sense, it is said that having a dry nose means that the cat is sick or listless. Nevertheless, that’s not true. The degree of humidity of the feline’s snout, as well as its temperature, depends, as a general rule, on where our friend has been walking. Namely, if you have been exposed to the sun for quite a while, it is logical that his nose has dried up, but that does not mean that he is ill or his health is in danger.

On the other hand, yes, there are situations in which we must be attentive, since if scabs, sores, or mucusare signs that something is happening to our pet.

Why does my cat have a dry nose - Depressed cat and dry nose

Scab on the cat’s nose

The reasons why our cat may have a scab on the nose are diverse, among the most common are the following:

  • fall injury: Sometimes, when cats fall from great heights, they can get a good blow to the snout and break the palate, as well as slightly break the nose due to the blow, which would cause a scab on the nose of our feline.
  • cat fight injury: cats are very territorial, so it is not surprising that our pet shows up at home with a scratch on his nose from time to time, which later ends up turning into a scab.
  • Infection: Another frequent cause is infections. The most common is that it is a nasal aspergillosis, cryptococcosis and small ulcers due to the presence of viruses.
  • dehydration: Dehydration can be a reason why your cat’s nose becomes so dry that it cracks and crusts. If you see that your pet does not eat or drink regularly, go to the vet in case it is a major problem.
  • allergies: another of the most frequent reasons is that your cat has some type of allergy. An allergy would cause your kitty to start runny nose and as a result, her nose could dry out and crack, causing a scab.

Black scab on the cat’s nose

Usually black crusts on the nose of cats due to blood, either because your cat has gotten into a fight, or because of a blow. However, when we clean the blood and the black scab reappears, it is a clear sign that we must go to the vet without failas it could be a major infection or other problem.

On the other hand, mucus can also leave crusts on the snout of our cats, although instead of being black these are usually brown or yellowish. If you are dealing with mucus, this other article may help you How to treat my cat’s cold.

Change of color in the cat’s dry nose

Along with scabs and nasal dryness, the change in color of the cat’s muzzle is another of the things that most worries its owners, and they even believe that it may be linked to having a dry nose. However, what can it mean? Is it bad that the color of the cat’s nose changes? Not at all, it is more, it is something of the most normal. We can notice it especially in felines with a pink nose. Just like humans, when a cat runs and exercises, the color of its muzzle intensifies. due to blood flow. On the other hand, if the cat is calmer, his muzzle will be a duller color.

That is why you should not be surprised if the intensity of the color of your nose changes. Of course, if we see an abnormal color change in the cat, such as, for example, that the cat has a white nose, we must go to the vet ASAP for inspection.

Why does my cat have a dry nose?

If, on the other hand, your cat goes from having a very dry nose to having it very wet or even runny, it may be a symptom of a cold or an allergy, which should take the cat to the vet urgently. Nevertheless, the normal thing is that the humidity of the cat’s snout varies throughout the day, depending on what you do and where the animal goes.

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