Why Does My Cat Lick His Genitals A Lot?

Why does my cat lick his genitals a lot? Felines are very clean animals, they spend the day grooming themselves with their tongues with the intention of always being as clean as possible. Depending on the area they lick, it may indicate one problem or another, or it may simply be their natural cleaning process. Excessive licking indicates the attempt to relieve some uncomfortable, irritating sensation or with the intention of calming the itching.

Why does my cat lick his genitals a lot

In this OneHOWTO article we focus on answering your question about “Why does my cat lick his genitals a lot?“, so if you think your cat licks this area excessively, keep reading to find out what the possible causes are, what to do and how to treat the problems that can cause the appearance of this behavior.


Why Does My Cat Lick His Genitals A Lot?

Here we will discuss what are the possible causes of  Why does my cat lick his genitals a lot. So, make sure to read the entire article.

Cystitis in cats

One of the most frequent reasons why your feline shows a constant licking on your genitals is that I have cystitis or urine infection. This happens due to the pain and itching that it causes and is licked with the intention of calming these annoying symptoms. Faced with this problem you can also observe other signs such as:

  • Frequent but little urination or difficulty urinating.
  • Presence of blood in the urine.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • vomiting
  • Pee out of the tray.

Here you can learn even more about the Symptoms of cystitis in cats.

If you think your cat may suffer from cystitis go to the vet quickly so that you can treat this problem because, depending on the severity, you will administer antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. Of course, it is necessary for the cat to have an adequate diet for it, otherwise this problem may reappear, so check this aspect with the veterinarian as well. In this other post you can learn more about How to treat cystitis in cats.

Why does my cat lick his genitals a lot - Cystitis in cats

Skin allergy in cats

Another reason why your feline may be licking his genitals too much is due to a allergic reaction in cats. Due to the itching and even the pain it causes, it is normal for the cat licks itself in the genital area with the intention of calming these symptoms.

You can observe your feline’s skin and see if it is too irritated, inflamed, red and crusted or if it has alopecia in the area to know if this may be the cause of its behavior. In addition, we recommend you read this other post on How to know if my cat has an allergy to fleas, since it is one of the skin allergies frequent and can occur in any part of the feline’s body.

Genital injury

A cat genital wound can also produce discomfort, pain and itching and, consequently, constant licking. Examine if this problem could have happened and go to the vet so that you can examine and treat the problem as soon as possible, in order to prevent the wound from becoming infected and the problem from getting worse.

A bite or sting from an insect, a reptile or another animal can also cause licking in the affected area, it also produces inflammation, it can become infected and can, in turn, produce an allergic reaction. To see if your cat has any of these conditions, remove her fur from the genital area if necessary and examine the area for wounds and swelling, as well as any lumps, with or without wounds, that could be cysts or tumors.

You will not be able to treat any of these problems yourself, and even less so if the wound is infected, since the area in which it is located must be treated with special care to avoid the appearance of other important secondary problems and an infection must be treated very carefully. well wherever you are because it can be very serious. Therefore, it is best that you are in contact with a veterinarian from the beginning. In addition, we give you several tips on How to treat wounds in cats, in case the specialist tells you to do the dressings at home, and How to prevent your cat from scratching and licking a wound.

Why does my cat lick his genitals a lot - Wound on the genitals

Why does my cat lick her parts a lot?

Yes your cat licks her genitals a lotthe causes could be cystitis, allergies and wounds, as in the case of males, and it could also be because is in heat or for problems related to the womb and uterusso if you can rule out all the above options, go to the vet to rule out or detect diseases such as the pyometraThis consists of inflammation and possible infection of the uterus, affecting its matrix due to the accumulation of pus that is produced. Given this, your cat may also present symptoms such as vomiting, apathy, increased water intake and consequently urine and also loss of appetite. This problem must be treated by surgeryso you should go to the vet as soon as possible, since this problem could end the life of your cat.

In the case of cats, there is also another possibility for the behavior of a lot of licking of the genitals. If your cat is pregnant and you see this behavior, it may mean that the time of delivery has comebut if it is still days or weeks away, then it may be a pregnancy problem. Therefore, if your cat is pregnant and you see that she licks the vulva area excessively, do not hesitate to call the veterinarian. Here we leave you more information on How to know if my cat is going to give birth.

What to do if my cat licks his genitals a lot

Now that you know the possible answers to your question about “why does my cat lick its parts?”, you should know that you cannot do anything directly to treat the problem, since it is a very delicate area and all the Possible causes should be treated by a veterinarian to prevent them from getting worse and manage to solve them well.

What you can do to help your cat or cat if he licks his parts a lot it is simply clean the area just with a little fresh water, this way you will improve the hygiene of the area, you will see better if there is any visible injury or problem and you will alleviate a little the itching and other discomforts. Also, you can observe your feline to inform your veterinarian of all the symptoms that you see that it presents and thus facilitate the diagnosis. The veterinarian can perform a physical examination, blood tests, ultrasound or X-rays and will apply the appropriate treatment in each case in order to put an end to the problem.

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