Why Does My Cat Pull Its Hair Out? Should I Worry?

Why does my cat pull its hair out? Are you starting to notice your cat pulls out its hair. Well keep reading. Felines have the habit of grooming themselves for many hours each day, it is typical behavior of cats. But if you start to see large amounts of hair on the ground and, especially, hairless areas such as the legs and abdomen, it’s time to go to the vet to remedy that compulsion that has nothing to do with normal grooming. At OneHowTo.com we tell you Why does your cat pluck its hair?

Why does my cat pull its hair out

Why does my cat pull its hair out: Steps to follow


if your cat pulls out strands of hair when he grooms it is not something you should assume as natural. In fact, it is the symptom of a medical problem such as hormonal changes, an immune system disorder, parasites, stress, diet or some type of allergy.

In any case, the main causes of hair loss are usually food allergies and fleas. It may be a sign that there is an external parasite such as a tick or fleas, mites or even an infection such as ringworm. Be that as it may, the vet will be the one to carry out the relevant tests to confirm the cause and put your little one under treatment.

Why is my cat pulling out its hair - Step 1


After analyzing skin samples and also a blood test, the vet will be able to determine the cause. If it’s a food allergy that’s causing your hair loss when you cleanse, gradual changes to your diet may fix the problem. The solution could be a hypoallergenic diet prescribed by your doctor.

Apart from the diet, your cat may be trying to find the source of the pain when cleaning and pulling out its hair. He could have a problem like kidney stones or even a urine infection.


The most common cause of your cat licking, scratching and pulling hair are the fleas. Many felines become infected at some point in their lives, if they have not been dewormed and if they go outside the house. It’s hard to see them, but if you see your pet scratching a lot, to the point of hurting himself, you should pay attention.

If your feline gets infected, it can be in serious danger, even causing anemia, because fleas are parasites that suck blood. If your cat has fleas, will have to take medication and also treat the entire environment because it may be infected with these parasites.

At OneHowTo we help you find out if your cat has fleas.

Why is my cat pulling out its hair - Step 3


And one of the most common causes of your cat pulling out hair when grooming is stress. If the vet has ruled out medical issues, the next step is to look for the cause of your feline’s anxiety. That a cat cleans itself excessively is a consequence of changes in the environment that generate concern and nervousness, so you will have to help your pet to overcome this situation and the key is to modify behavior and train your cat to reduce your stress level.

If there’s a new animal in the house and your cat feels like she’s taken a backseat, she may start cleaning and pulling hair. It can also be due to the vacation period, in that case, do not worry that when everything returns to normal, your cat will also feel better.

Why is my cat pulling out its hair - Step 4


Animals can suffer a lot from changes or problems at home and end up developing habits, such as pulling their hair. It is also possible that your cat is bored a lot and start cleaning compulsively to distract yourself. In that case, you should dedicate attention, affection and moments of games. If you are not at home for a long time, you should leave toys and stimulating areas within reach so that your pet is entertained when he is alone.

Regardless of the cause in the end, you should be clear that hair loss and excessive grooming are signs that something is wrong, so go to the vet immediately.

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