Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me?

Why does my cat sleep with me? In general, cats have a special union with humans despite the widespread legend in society of their solitary character. Many people believe that they are too surly to establish a strong emotional bond with them, but those who have one at home or have ever lived with one will have been able to verify that this thought is far from reality.

Why does my cat sleep with me

Felines have different personalities, just like people. There are some who are more affectionate than others, but it is not difficult for them to relate if this aspect is worked on with them in their first months of life. In this sense, one of the behaviors that will surprise you the most when you welcome one at home is the pleasure they will have in sleeping with you. If you want to know”why does my cat sleep with me?“, the different reasons that explain it and whether it is positive or negative to allow it, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.


Why does my cat sleep with me?

Here we have provided you with the reasons Why does my cat sleep with me. So, make sure to check entire article to  know reasons behind the kneading.

Mental comfort and physical comfort

You have probably asked yourself on more than one occasion “why does my cat not separate from me to sleep?”. One of the main reasons is the comfort he feels by your sidebecause throughout the day you will look for places where you feel comfortable, but to sleep even more.

In this way, you will rest better for the hours you need, since cats can reach sleep 12 to 20 hours a day (depending on their age, either adult or puppy). To relax the body and feel good, his sleeping hours will be more pleasant if he physically shares them with you.

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Feel more protected

The independent sense of your cat is not opposed to the need he has at certain times to be with you. Lying next to you to relax and fall asleep will provide the security you are looking for to rest well despite the fact that it will always be alert to everything that happens in the environment.

It is not a trusting animal, so it will be difficult for it to feel safe anywhere and also at home, so it should not surprise you if it looks for you to lean on the part of your body that it can and, in this way, sleep more protected.

Why does my cat sleep with me - He feels more protected

Protection instinct

Another reason that will help you understand your doubt about “why does my cat sleep in my bed?” is he innate protective instinct what’s wrong with it. It has a great ability to detect if something happens to you or you feel bad at a certain moment. When this happens, he will come to you without being asked and will settle down with you to bring you his warmth.

With his characteristic purr, will try to give you good feelings and ward off all the bad things that happen to you. In addition, it is proven that the vibrations emitted by cats’ purrs, when you feel them directly in your body, bring you benefits. This way of helping you feel better is another factor with which the existing relationship between the two will be reinforced.

Give and receive warmth

If there is something that many cats do not tolerate well, it is the cold. Right away they look for a ray of sunlight to lie down in that area and keep warm or, even, in winter, they lie down in front of the fireplace. They try to be in places with a medium temperature to feel good and be able to rest comfortably.

Therefore, especially in winter they will look for you to sleep with you. It will be another way of perceive heatin this human case, as well as provide you with warmth you too, and you’ll be able to fall asleep more easily. If you do not want him to sleep with you or some days it is not possible for any reason, place a blanket on his bed or move his resting area closer to the heating radiator, keeping enough distance so that he does not burn himself.

Why does my cat sleep with me - Give and receive warmth

Home scent

The smell is another reason why your cat will want to sleep with you. Cats have a more developed sense of smell than humans, so it will be very easy for your feline to find you at home even if you are in another room and you do not have eye contact at that time or the room is dark.

The aroma given off by your body, your clothes and your bedding is very attractive to your cat because relates you to all the good things you bring (food, a safe place, relaxation, etc.), so he will have a predilection to sleep with you to notice that smell while he rests.

Happiness and affection

Cats can also sleep alone, but for some, in general, the hours of sleep they have alone are less satisfactory than those shared with you. At your side, the feline will enjoy that warmth that comforts him and will take advantage of the occasion to show you love and happiness what he feels towards you

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Why my cat sleeps with me - Happiness and affection

What if my cat sleeps with me, is it good or bad?

After discovering why my cat sleeps with me, the next question to solve is: Is it good to sleep with a cat? As with everything, this custom has advantages and disadvantages. The consequences of sleeping with cats that spend a lot of time in the street are negative because, for example, they can bring parasites. It is also not good for him to sleep with you if you have an allergy to his hair.

On the other hand, if your cat rarely leaves the house and is dewormed and vaccinated, and if you don’t have allergies either, the consequences will be positive: the relationship between the two will be strengthened and you will sleep more relaxed and happier.

To avoid shedding too many hairs in the bed and in order to have a hygienic rest, brush your cat’s hair frequently to remove accumulated hair and throw it away, instead of letting it spread more around the house or even for your bed.

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