Why Does My Cat Throw Up The Whole Food?

Why does my cat throw up the whole food? It is common to see cats vomit, especially hairballs, since this is a normal process that they have to expel the accumulation of hair that remains in their digestive system when they lick themselves to clean themselves. It is also possible to observe yellow vomit or vomiting of undigested food, among other types. On certain occasions, vomiting indicates a health problem in the body, but this is not always the case, since cats can vomit from time to time to clean themselves, so as long as the vomiting is not repeated more than two or three times at the same time and cease everything should be normal. However, when we see that our feline expels the food that it has just eaten or that it has eaten a while ago, it is normal to worry.

Why does my cat throw up the whole food

Therefore, if you ask yourself “Why does my cat vomit the whole food?“, keep reading this OneHOWTO article, in which we tell you the causes of this problem and how you can help your feline.


How Do I Know If My Cat Regurgitates Or Vomits The Entire Food?

First of all, it is necessary to know how to differentiate between vomiting and regurgitation, since it is essential to know the cause of what is happening in your cat’s digestive system.

  • Threw up: it is the expulsion of digested food. It appears followed by abdominal contractions and nausea. This problem is usually a symptom of digestive disease, although it can also be due to more general viral processes or that also affect other parts of the body, such as parvovirus or distemper.
  • Regurgitation: It is the expulsion of undigested food from the pharynx or esophagus and can appear at the end of eating, a few minutes or a few hours later. It usually indicates esophageal obstruction problems and is not accompanied by contractions or nausea.
Why does my cat vomit the whole food - How to know if my cat regurgitates or vomits the whole food

Bad eating habits

After knowing the difference between vomiting and regurgitating and focusing again on the main question “why my cat vomits undigested food or the whole food?”, we can say that if your cat is a glutton and loves to eat, surely he will always eat food too fastas with anxiety.

When food is eaten too quickly, it hardly has time to go down to the stomach and quickly accumulates in the esophagus and even in the pharynx. Not being able to pass more food, it is expelled directly to the outside.

To prevent your cat from eating fast there are special feeders with small bumps inside or in the shape of a labyrinth, which forces your cat to eat more slowly in order to reach the balls of feed. If you have asked yourself “why does my cat eat and vomit?”, that is almost immediately, this is the most frequent explanation, since these vomiting usually occur seconds or minutes after eating, but to take good care of your furry, it is best that you still take him to the vet to check that there is not something more serious to treat as soon as possible.

Why does my cat vomit the whole food - Bad eating habits

Eating problems

Another reason why you cat vomits whole food is due can be a Food Allergy. If this is the problem, you should go to your veterinarian so that he can tell you what is the right diet for your feline depending on his nutritional needs, so you will avoid problems such as an allergy and consequently vomiting and other reactions that may be milder or more severe. . There are many cats that are allergic to protein, so your veterinarian will indicate a diet based on hydrolyzed protein. Here we tell you a little more about How to know if my cat has a food allergy.

If your question is “why does my cat vomit the feed or the croquettes?” you should know that, apart from what has already been mentioned, also within food problems it should be noted that it may be due to a sudden change in your diet. That is why whenever you are going to introduce new foods into his diet or if you have decided to change the brand of his usual feed, it is better to do it little by little, giving him small amounts along with his previous food, well mixed, and go up. the amount of new food and reducing the old, until you only offer your new diet, so the body can adapt and this type of problem will not appear.

Hairballs in cats

The hairballs in the digestive system It is a common problem in cats. However, although it is normal for them to vomit a hairball from time to time, if this vomiting is very frequent it could not be normal and the cause could be a more serious problem.

Sometimes the hairballs stay stuck in the digestive tract of the feline, which prevents the food from passing naturally through the stomach and, due to this obstruction, the food backs up and comes out in the form of vomiting whole or undigested food. To avoid and prevent this problem, there are remedies such as malt for cats that helps these hairballs dissolve and pass properly.

Here we explain more about How to make my cat expel hairballs.

Why does my cat vomit the whole food - Hairballs in cats

Gastric retention syndrome

If you wonder”Why does my cat vomit everything he eats?“, it may be due to several causes and one of them, but which in turn may have several origins or causes, is the gastric retention syndrome.

Sometimes, the stomach is unable to empty its contents in the time it should, so food is trapped in the digestive tract and, therefore, vomiting occurs hours after eating and comes out with partially digested food. This can be due to various causes, but the main one in each case can only be found out and treated by the veterinarian, since you probably cannot do anything yourself to help your cat. Even so, remember to offer your cat a diet rich in fiber, because it is necessary to face this problem.

Other reasons Why does my cat throw up the whole food?

Other reasons why your cat could be vomiting undigested food are the following:

  • Gastritis: If your cat eats everything he finds and is also a glutton, it is possible that his stomach has been irritated due to something he has eaten. Faced with this problem, vomiting with undigested food, blood or bile can be seen. If your cat is also apathetic, does not want to eat or is dehydrated, go quickly to the vet since only he will be able to prescribe the anti-inflammatory and the necessary medications to put an end to the problem as soon as possible.
  • Intestinal parasites: Intestinal parasites can also cause vomiting of undigested food because they do not allow proper digestion and the movement of food through the digestive tract is not adequate. Given this, only the veterinarian will be able to indicate the necessary antiparasitic according to the parasite to be treated, the weight and the age of the cat. Here we tell you how to know if my cat has parasites.
  • Constipation: Another cause for this problem is due to the accumulation of food found in the digestive tract of your cat, so it does not assimilate more food and the cat ends up vomiting it up. This happens because the stool is too dry or too large to pass, so your vet may order an enema so your cat can expel the stool. In this other post you will see some Remedies for constipation in cats.
  • Foreign material obstruction: If your cat has swallowed something, and it has gotten stuck in their body, surely the food cannot pass properly and, as in the previous case, they end up vomiting it up without digesting it.
  • esophageal irritation: if your furry has an irritated esophagus, it is possible that the cause of their vomiting is this, because this irritation bothers when they pass food and due to said discomfort and anguish they vomit the food.
Why does my cat vomit the whole food - Other reasons why your cat vomits the whole food

What can you give a cat that vomits?

if you wonder what to do when a cat vomits Please note the following:

  • First of all is remove food and water of this This is only in the event that the cat does not present symptoms that may be clearly warning of a disease, since in such a case it is best to go directly to the veterinarian.
  • If after 30 minutes from when you have removed the water and the food you notice that he has not vomited, then you can give him a little water, always making sure that drink slowly and littlesince if you drink quickly you will surely vomit again.
  • If after drinking this little water he has not vomited any more, you can go on to offer him a bland diet suitable for his stomach which is now delicate. Cooked turkey, ham and boiled or ironed chicken with nothing added are good choices to deal with this problem. You can cook the chicken or turkey only in water, without adding salt or other sauces and removing the skin. It is not recommended to offer cold cooked ham, warm it up a bit. Offer small amounts of one of these foods to your cat and add more as it improves. If he vomits again you will have to start over by removing the water and food and do the same, but if it happens several times, take him to the vet.
  • exist home remedies for vomiting in cats, such as chamomile, which can be offered as an infusion without adding sugar or any other supplement. Chicken broth without added salt is also very effective in treating these types of problems. These can only be offered if the vomiting has stopped within half an hour.

Remember that your cat may feel better after taking this, but do not trust yourself as there could be a more serious problem and it is better to detect it as soon as possible so that it does not get worse, since without veterinary treatment it won’t go away

There are many types of vomiting in cats: transparent or with a lot of saliva, with blood, from undigested food and yellow or green because of bile, etc. For this reason, we recommend that you inform yourself well on the subject and always consult your trusted veterinarian. Here you can find out about Why my cat vomits yellow and Why my cat vomits white foam.

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