Why Doesn’t My Cat Drink Water?

Why doesn’t my cat drink water? Cats are famous animals for their strange attitudes and eccentric behaviors. This, which is sometimes a source of laughter and entertainment for the owners, depending on which occasions it becomes a concern, when they have attitudes that can be unfavorable to their health.

Why doesn't my cat drink water

Many owners wonder: Why doesn’t my cat drink water? At OneHowTo we will give you all the answers, we will explain some of the possible solutions and the complications of your cat continuing with this attitude.


Causes of your cat not drinking water

Anyone who has had a cat will have realized that these animals are not very demanding when it comes to food and hygiene. The subject of water is no different, so if you are wondering why doesn’t my cat drink water You should take into account if your drinker meets -or does not meet- any of the following parameters, very important depending on which cats:

  • in a plastic container: Water poured into a plastic container can take on a taste that some cats find unpleasant, leading them to decide not to drink the water. If you use a plastic container, we recommend changing it to one made of stainless steel or even glass, two materials that do not usually cause mistrust in the cat.
  • Do not change the water: If something characterizes cats, it is that they are intrepid and distrustful. This character constantly leads them to look for fresh and clean water, so it is necessary to frequently change the water in the bowl and put new and fresh water in it. There are two actions your cat can take that can help you figure out if this is the reason she isn’t drinking water. One is your cat throws the water from the drinking fountain, a movement with which it is indicating that this water is not to its liking, the other is if you see it trying to drink from the drops that fall from the bidet or the tap, which indicates that it really does. who is thirsty but not for the water from his drinking fountain.
  • Improperly locating the drinker: Many people wonder why my cat does not want to drink water from the bowl and, after trying countless possibilities, realize that what was wrong was the location of the bowl itself. Drinking fountains for cats should never be next to electrical appliances such as the washing machine, which produces annoying noises for cats, or in passageways that do not give them the necessary security, or within the reach of other pets in the house, such as dogs, which they can drink from their bowl and make it dirty.
Why my cat does not drink water - Causes that your cat does not drink water

What to do if my cat does not drink water?

As a general rule, cats should drink between 50 and 100 ml/kg of weight per day. However, depending on other factors such as the heat or the amount of wet food you eat, you can increase or decrease that amount.

However, if you have noticed that your cat drinks more than necessary or, on the contrary, it hardly touches the water, you need to consult your trusted veterinarian so that they can observe it and rule out any possible disease that conditions it. On the other hand, we explain some recommendations that you can follow to get your cat to drink water:

  • motivate the catplay with him with fresh and clean water, like tap water, so that he can drink water.
  • In addition to the feed, it is recommended that you give wet food so that, if you don’t drink, at least hydrate yourself through food.
  • distribute different drinkers throughout the house, in one of them you will feel comfortable to satisfy your thirst.
  • The water should be changed at least once a dayalthough it is better if you can do it more often.
  • The font installation for cats are a very useful tool for those cats that do not want to drink water, they supply fresh and clean water throughout the day and can play with it.

Be that as it may, we recommend you go to the vet as soon as possible to clarify if there is any disease or physical problem behind your cat not wanting to drink water.

Why my cat does not drink water - What to do if my cat does not drink water

Complications of my cat not drinking water

Cats that do not drink enough water increase the risk of suffering from the feline lower urinary tract disease, or FLUTD for its acronym in English. This acronym is used to name different diseases that affect the urinary tract of cats that are very common among felines.

One of the main causes of FLUTD is dehydration, which is why it is necessary to seek a solution as soon as possible and follow the advice that we have recommended.

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