Why Doesn’t My Cat Sleep At Night? There’s A Solution!

Why doesn’t my cat sleep at night? If you live with a feline you will have realized that many times your cat is more active at night than during the day. It’s normal for you to have trouble letting him sleep through the night, either because he decides to jump on you or on your bed, run around the house making noises, or meow for a long time.

Why doesn't my cat sleep at night?

If you need to get him to be calmer at night and, thus, get a good night’s rest, you must first understand why your feline does not seem to need a good rest when there is no light. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article and discover the reasons that answer your questions about why doesn’t my cat sleep at night and some tips to improve your furry’s sleep rhythm so that you too can rest.


Why doesn’t my cat sleep at night?

Here we have provided you with the reason Why doesn’t my cat sleep at night? Check out the reasons if your cat is not sleeping at night.

Night hunters

Everyone cats are nocturnal animals and, although the domestic ones have adapted very well to living with us, they still have the instinct for hunting and nocturnal activity. Even those who are most attuned to the ways of their fellow humans and get some sleep at night still wake several times each night. In addition, because they are animals used to doing their activities in the hours when there is no sunlight, they have a highly developed vision to be able to see perfectly in the dark, so with very little light from the moon, or from a lamp at home. They look perfectly.

Because of this, it is much easier for them to live at night and sleep during the day. Surely at night he will play, hunt his toys and also feed himself, so you should ensure that he always has food available at night.

Why does my cat not sleep at night - Night hunters

Lack of exercise

If your furry spends too many hours sleeping during the day, although you have to keep in mind that cats usually sleep for many hours, it is likely that when the hours between sunset and sunrise arrive they have an excess of Accumulated energy. In other words, your pet surely needs to expend the energy accumulated during the day and, therefore, needs to exercise more than it usually does. This is another reason why when the daylight goes out it will activate and start playing, running around, getting your attention, etc.

Why does my cat not sleep at night - Lack of exercise

Need for play and company

For the same reason as in the previous case, a feline with excess energy is probably also a bored cat. This will mean that when the afternoon or evening comes, they can’t take it anymore and constantly demand attention to release energy, play and interact. It is very important that for a few hours in the afternoon you play with your pet, tiring him out and creating a stronger bond.

Sickness or disease

Another reason why your pet may stay awake all night, and probably meowing non-stop, is that he is unwell. If the feline feels any type of unwell or ill, you may complain and let us know. So when he wakes you up in the middle of the night try to find out if he is in pain or if there is something different about his appearance or behavior. If you notice any symptoms, call your trusted veterinarian to check your furry companion as soon as possible.

Why does my cat not sleep at night - Discomfort or illness

How to get my cat to sleep at night?

You may have thought about locking the cat to sleep or closing the door of your room to let it run and play for the rest of the house and, it is possible, that it has not worked for you and that you have it at the door scratching and meowing . This is because your furry wants to be with you, either to play, to ask you for food or to let you know that he is sick.

Some more effective solutions for get your pet to sleep at night and so you can rest are the following:

Exercise during the day

If you play more with your furry during daylight hours and tire him out with healthy exercises for him, surely, after dinner at night he will sleep for more hours. To play with your cat you can try some fun exercises for your cat, try a variety of toys and make homemade toys for cats to make it easier and cheaper for you to entertain and exercise your companion. In addition, by dedicating enough time to your furry friend, you will create a greater bond and enjoy your coexistence more.

A feline companion

If you often think “my cat won’t let me sleep at night” it is possible that, in addition to spending time with you, it needs the company of another of its kind since they need to interact a lot and not just with us. If you decide to have two domestic cats, you will ensure that they are entertained and play a lot with each other, getting tired enough to rest more at night and you will see them happier and healthier.

Appropriate sleeping place

If your furry does not rest at night and during the day you notice that he sleeps on the sofa or other places that are not his bed or the place that you have prepared for him to sleep, it is very likely that he is not comfortable in that specific place. The problem may be the type of bedding or the material, but it can also be the location.

Make sure the bed is cool in summer and warm in cold weather and, furthermore, avoid placing it near their litter box or their water and food bowls, since cats like to have all this well separated from their sleeping area. break. This is one of the best ways to achieve and teach your cat to sleep in his bed.

Food before bed

Now that you know the answer to your question about why doesn’t my cat sleep at night Another way to get your feline to sleep more hours at night is to offer him food before going to sleep. Thus, if he eats before you fall asleep, due to digestion he will be longer at night with less activity.

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