Why Is My Cat Hiding Suddenly?

Why is my cat hiding: That cats are animals of a particular character is no secret for those who live with felines, however for many it may be curious tendency to hide in a place where they can’t be easily found, something they turn to when they need a quiet moment without anyone bothering them.

Why is my cat hiding

It is not that your cat is surly or strange, this behavior is completely normal, however it is also natural that you wonder what is the reason for his behavior. Why is my cat hiding?in this OneHowTo.com article we clarify this doubt.


Because he doesn’t like visitors

Surely you have noticed that as soon as friends, relatives or any visit to the house arrives, your cat disappears and you do not see his mustache again for a long time, when everyone has left. Not all felines have this behavior, some are rather curious and like to sniff and approach visitors, however for most of these animals, visitors are the same as noisy and annoying strangers, furniture that moves from its place and changes in routine, creates stress and tension.

The only way to calm this tension is to hide in a safe place where they can be quiet, preferably one that has good views to spy on everything that happens around them. This attitude is normal, but it is important that we try to appease the nervousness of the animal by carrying out certain measures:

  • Give the cat its food at the appropriate time, even if it coincides with the visits, the animal must see that the patterns do not change so much.
  • Take a toy to your cat’s hiding place to keep it entertained.
  • Do not force the animal outthis will only stress you more.
  • From time to time he visits the feline in his hiding place to give him affection and attention.
  • Teach your friends and family, especially children, to play with the cat but also respect it. These animals are not friends with cuddles by strangers, so they must earn their trust little by little.
Why does my cat hide - Because he doesn't like visitors

Because you feel scared or stressed

A loud noise, an argument, a sounding drill, the unexpected arrival of another animal at home, any of these situations can scaring or stressing your feline, more than enough reason for him to scurry out of hiding. It is important to understand that this is the way in which the animal seeks to feel safe and protected, therefore we must create a suitable environment for it to hide without endangering its safety and guaranteeing its peace of mind.

Because he is sick

Observing our pets is very important to determine if they are well, and although most of the time the cat hides for the reasons mentioned above, it can also do so because he is not in good health.

If your cat begins to hide more than usual or if it does so when it has never been done before, it is time to pay close attention because the animal could be sick. Observe his behavior and if he continues to do so for more than two days, take him to the vet.

Why is my cat hiding - Because he is sick

The most common hiding places of cats

Your cat has suddenly disappeared and you have no idea where could it be hidingWell, these are the favorite areas of the house for cats:

  • Under the bed.
  • Behind a long curtain.
  • Inside a cardboard box, one of his favorite spaces.
  • Under blankets, bedspreads, or rugs.
  • Under the furniture.
  • Inside open suitcases or backpacks.
  • Behind a tree, bush or large pot, although they can also hide inside empty pots themselves.

But not all hiding spaces are safe, some dangerous areas where cats often hide are:

  • Inside empty bags.
  • Behind or under any appliance that gives off heat, for example the refrigerator or the washing machine.
  • Inside the washer, dryer, or dishwasher.
  • Inside fireplaces or stoves.
Why my cat hides - The most common hiding places of cats

Create a safe hiding place for the cat

The first and most important thing if you have a feline at home is to try to prepare those spaces that the animal prefers to hide in order to avoid getting hurt. For example, it is appropriate to leave an adequate space behind the refrigerator in case the cat gets in there one day, it is also advisable to always check the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or fireplace before using them to make sure that the animal is not there.

Arrange a place under the bed where your cat fits quietly, surely if you place a empty cardboard box you will feel very happy. On the other hand, it is convenient that you identify those places where the cat hides and check that they are safe, once the animal chooses a point to hide, it usually uses it always, so this task will not cost you much. By following these suggestions you ensure that your pet is not in danger while looking for shelter.

Why is my cat hiding - Create a safe hiding place for the cat

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