6 Reasons Why Is My Cat Not Eating?

Why is my cat not eating? Yes your cat stops eating Pay attention to see what happens to it. There are cats that eat all their lives without problems and others that tend to be more special with food, what is really worrying is that your feline show no interest in eating, because it will be at that time when your health can weaken. Observe your pet and try to find solutions so that his appetite returns, to achieve this at OneHowTo.com we explain why your cat does not eat

Why is my cat not eating

Why is my cat not eating: Steps to follow


You must ensure that your cat don’t be sick. When an animal is not feeling well, one of the possible consequences is that it stops eating, so check that your cat is in good health.

If you have always eaten without problems, a lack of appetite is a clear sign that something is wrong, especially if you are overweight. If your pet has recently lost weight, had diarrhea or even vomiting, it’s time to go to the vet. After your visit to the doctor, once it has been diagnosed and treated, your cat should recover its usual appetite. If you are not sure how to detect if something is happening to his health, in our article how to know if my cat is sick we give you the keys to discover it.

Why is my cat not eating - Step 1


If your pet does not have health problems, it will be necessary to assess the possibility that your cat has begun to acquire a bad habit, you should be careful with certain customs that can trigger unwanted routines. For example, if you give your feline additional food prizes that are much more attractive than their normal feed, you may be causing them to stop eating your daily food because waiting for your delicious treats. Agree with your family so that the cat is not given too many extra rewards that could spoil its correct eating habits.

Your pet must eat in a balanced way and in proportionate amounts every day to stay healthy and at its ideal weight. In our article how much should my cat eat, we explain in detail the appropriate portions according to his age.

Why is my cat not eating - Step 2


The best thing to avoid reinforcing bad behaviors and that your cat does not stop eating is that stop giving him extra food and treats, you should limit yourself to one scheduled daily feeding. It is recommended that you put a small amount of food in its feeder several times a day, so that it will peck whenever it wants, and that reduced dose is usually very attractive to them.

Put the feed at the same times and see if he eats it. If at that moment you don’t want to, try later, if you still don’t feel like eating when you are healthy, not diabetic and at your optimal weight, wait one more day and hunger should appear. This will stimulate his appetite and after a short time he should learn that dry food is the food he can count on on a daily basis.

Why is my cat not eating - Step 3


Yes your cat does not eat it may be because you are offering food that is spoiled or expired. It is a common reason for your pet to stop being hungry or wanting the food you put on it. Make sure the food is good, consistent, nutritious and complete for your cat’s needs.

The cats do not accept changes in diet very well, so any necessary modification should be gradual as these alterations can change the functioning of your pet’s digestive system. If you want to change your feed for another of higher quality, do it progressively, mixing with the current food until the dose is composed only of the new food. Many times a change in taste can be the trigger for your cat to regain its appetite.

Why is my cat not eating - Step 4


If your cat doesn’t really want to eat dry food, you could start giving him more quality wet food. For example, you could add some canned food to his feed, it could be very attractive for your pet to notice that new flavor on his normal food.

If you mix some high with their croquettes you will give a special touch to their food routine. Another way to make your food palatable is to heat it for a few seconds in the microwave. Cats don’t like cold food, in fact if you don’t want to heat it you can leave its can out of the fridge.


Your cat may not want to eat because it is responding negatively to certain mealtime behaviors. She may be enjoying her share of extra pampering when she’s not eating at all, thus perpetuating the habit.

Another recommendation for your cat regains its normal appetite it is to leave a quiet place for him to eat alone, and away from any type of distraction. You should also leave his feed bowl alone for a short time and then remove it, so he will learn what to eat at certain specific times.

Our final advice is that be patient and control your pet’s eating routine. To watch for any underlying health changes or problems.

Why is my cat not eating - Step 6

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