Why Is My Cat Not Growing? Is Something Wrong?

Normally, a cat does not have growth problems. But, sometimes, we can have a pet that does not develop properly or like the rest of the kittens when it is reaching its adult life, which occurs in its first year of life.

Why is my cat not growing?

They are situations that surely worry you and that, if it has happened to you, have led you to wonder”Why is my cat not growing?” There are several factors that can explain this lower development of the pet. In a HOWTO we are going to tell you the main reasons that may be behind this lack of growth.


Why Is My Cat Not Growing?

one of the possible reasons why your cat does not grow it may be in the food. And there is a direct relationship between what the pet eats and its development. In fact, when the cat is not being fed the right cat food, the most common thing is that it does not grow as it should.

Inadequate Feeding Causes Your Cat Not To Grow

And what should you feed the cat? In the first place, food is preferably natural and adapted to their needs, which progress as they turn months and reach adult life.

It is convenient to remember that the cat is a carnivorous animal and that your diet should be based on this type of product. And this maxim must also be followed in the choice of feed, which is very important because not all those that are marketed as suitable or specific for cats are good for the puppy cat.

For example, it is better that you avoid giving feed that is rich or has a significant presence of cereals in its composition because they are not normally part of the cat’s natural diet. Neither are other by-products, even if they are related to meat, such as legs or beaks, whose flavor is usually modified with artificial aromas to attract them.

Why my cat does not grow - know the causes - Inadequate feeding causes your cat not to grow

Parasites, another reason why your cat does not grow

Another reason that may be behind your cat not growing is health. And not only that of the pussycat, but also that of his mother. And it is proven that kittens that have been born to cats that have been on the street or have not been properly cared for, are more likely to have parasites that are transmitted to them during pregnancy or at the time of birth.

In fact, a pregnant cat with parasites usually has much smaller and less developed kittens because the parasites lodge mainly in the intestines and feed on what the kittens in the womb should eat, thus slowing their growth.

The cat will not grow well if it has parasites during the first months of its life, so it is important to deworm it. How can you notice it? In general, the kitten will have a more swollen abdomen than usual and will hardly grow, even if it eats well. Also, you will be able to see some of these parasites in their stool. To solve the problem, you should take it to a veterinarian to deworm it with a dewormer suitable for kittenssince those that are formulated for adults will be harmful to the child.

Health problems that stunt cat growth

The presence of diseases in the cat is also another possibility that explains why your cat does not grow. Among the most common and that slow down its development are, for example, leukemia or distemper.

These are two pathologies that the cat tries to deal with in order to overcome them with its own body, which leads it to allocate all its strength and energy taken through food to this end, instead of using them only to grow.

One reason why it is especially important that, if you notice that your cat is sick, you take it to the vet to detect the disease, follow the treatment and be able to grow up healthy.

Cat breeds and growth

And finally, there may still be another reason why your cat is not growing. The reason is in the cat breed. It is likely that you have become attached to a kitten that you have seen in shelters and adoption centers, on the street or they have given it to you and you do not know what breed it is.

And it is that all cats do not reach the same size. Here not only what they eat influences to have more or less weight and be big or not, but also the genetic is the key actually.

In fact, there are cat breeds that hardly grow. In this way, there are small cat breeds and they always stay in this size. It is the case of the munchkin cat breed that no matter how much you feed them and take care of them correctly, they will never grow much. And that is where their main charm lies, because they remain cute and adorable throughout their lives. How can you know? In addition to consulting the veterinarian, you will notice it because its weight is between 2 and 4 kilos and the legs are very short.

These causes that we have told you about in OneHOWTO are the main ones that answer your question of why my cat does not grow. In any case, always remember to consult with the veterinarian to determine the reasons why the cat is not growing and to find a solution.

Why my cat does not grow - know the causes - Cat breeds and growth

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