Why Is My Pregnant Cat Bleeding? – Causes & Treatment

Why is my pregnant cat bleeding? Is your pet pregnant and you are concerned about its health? It is normal that when our pet is pregnant we worry more than usual about its condition and the health of the puppies. Normally, we have many questions about their care and about what to do or not in certain cases, or when to go to the vet. For example, one of the situations that most worries those who live with pregnant cats and take care of them is the fact that at some point during this process they bleed.

Why is my pregnant cat bleeding?

So, if this is your case and you have doubts about: why is my pregnant cat bleeding calm down, it’s normal for you to wonder, to be scared and not to know very well how to act. For this reason, in this OneHOWTO article, we are going to tell you the reasons why bleeding can occur in a pregnant female, among many more useful details in this situation.


Why Is My Pregnant Cat Bleeding?

If you wonder what the bleeding in your pregnant pet is due to, you should pay attention to several factors such as the moment of pregnancy in which it is, the appearance of the fluid that it expels, or its state of health in general. Therefore, looking at several factors, the answer to your question about why my pregnant cat bleeds is that there are mainly two causes that can cause this vaginal bleeding. The main reasons why a pregnant female cat bleeds are that labor begins or miscarriage occurs.

Therefore, this sign can be a symptom of problems in pregnancy, in the case of an abortion or early delivery. Likewise, it may be a condition or condition that is affecting its health, so it is vital to contact the veterinarian to perform some tests.

Thus, if you notice that your kitten expels some blood from her vulva while she is pregnant, you have to look at the color tone and whether there is mucus that accompanies it or not. In fact, this bleeding can present two shades: red in which there may also be normal mucus, or dark red, somewhat brown, accompanied by greenish mucus and pus.

Why is my pregnant cat bleeding - Why does a pregnant cat bleed

Red bleeding in the first weeks of pregnancy

It is usual that when the pregnant female bleeds, it is about blood red especially if it is in the first weeks of gestation. If it is at the beginning of the pregnancy, then it will be bleeding similar to when you are in heat and that can last between 2 and 4 days. In this case, it is an abortion, that is to say, one of the puppies has died and the female’s body eliminates it in order to continue with the gestation of the others and to avoid running health risks.

In fact, as the fetuses are still very little formed, the female’s body is capable of reabsorbing tissues of the fetus that has turned out to be unviable but, sometimes, this process is accompanied by a little blood or other tissue residues, managing not to harm the rest of the kittens. In this case, our pet, in principle, will be healthy and nothing has to happen with its state of health, but it is advisable that a veterinarian check it to stay calm or act promptly if something else happens.

Likewise, there is no treatment to follow in these cases, since it is a natural process and from which your pet can recover on its own without problems, with the usual care of a pregnant female.

Why is my pregnant cat bleeding - Red bleeding in the first weeks of pregnancy

Red bleeding past mid-pregnancy

But, if your pregnant cat stains reddish blood while in a Somewhat advanced stage of gestation or already at the end of this, then labor is likely to begin. Thus, if there was still a week of pregnancy left, a advance of childbirth but if she was already in the days close to completing the pregnancy process, then there is nothing to worry about since it will happen at an appropriate time.

If it is an advance, it is better that we contact our regular veterinarian to check our pet and supervise the delivery process, in which it is likely that some kittens will come out smaller than normal.

Also, to know that a female is in labor, another indicator that will tell us that the time has come is that along with a slight bleeding mucus appears, that is, in which the female will be expelling the mucous plug, the equivalent of breaking water in women.

Dark bleeding in a pregnant cat

Another case different from the previous ones is when your pet expels dark blood, greenish mucus or even pus. In this situation you should contact the specialist as soon as possible, since it is a serious case in which it can not only be an abortionInstead, an infection is likely and your pet’s life is in danger.

Several fetuses may have been unviable and, either due to their number or their advanced state, your pet’s body has not been able to reabsorb or expel them properly.

Also, it may be that the problem is a uterus infection, which usually happens when instead of the fetus being reabsorbed or mummified, it is rotting. Only the vet can say for sure what the source of the problem is and what the best solution is, so you should contact him promptly.

Why is my pregnant cat bleeding - Dark bleeding in a pregnant cat

What to do if my pregnant cat is bleeding?

Like us we can’t do anything from home To stop vaginal bleeding in our pet, which according to various aspects may not be important or it may be something more serious, the best thing we can do is take our cat to the veterinarian, especially if the bleeding is dark or greenish.

allows that the specialist checks her and performs the tests as needed, from ultrasounds and X-rays to blood and urine tests. Only in this way will you be able to know what is happening to your feline companion and what is the current health status of her and her puppies.

Thus, depending on the diagnosis of the specialist, you should follow their directionswhich are likely to include the following:

  • In the event of a miscarriage in the first few weeks, it is possible that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about.
  • If there is infection, surely propose antibiotic treatment.
  • It is also possible that depending on the state of the little ones and that of your pet, the veterinarian decides that it is better to advance the delivery or perform a cesarean section.
  • If all the fetuses have proven non-viable, surgery will have to be performed to remove them, especially if they are causing an infection in the female or other health problems.

When to go to the vet with my pregnant cat?

It is vital to recognize those moments in which we must take our pet to the veterinarian, especially if it is pregnant, to ensure its good health, and in case of pregnancy also that of the puppies. Therefore, below we indicate when should you go to the vet with your pregnant pet:

  • At the moment you find out that you are pregnant or if you notice some symptoms that indicate the possibility of it.
  • If you notice any physical or behavioral changes, such as decay, lack of appetite, excessive licking in their genital area, etc. Likewise, if you know how to know if your cat has a fever and you detect that it is so or if you simply think that he might have it, see a specialist as soon as possible since it is a clear symptom that his body is fighting a problem.
  • When they touch the reviews, both routine and those that are expressly mentioned for the follow-up of the gestation of the kittens.
  • In the event that during pregnancy your pet bleeds, either reddish or dark in color. Also, you’ll need to go faster if there’s greenish mucus or pus, as there’s probably an infection.
  • In this case, the specialist will not only be able to tell you what the health status of your pet is, but will also be able to carry out tests to find out if the kittens are still alive or some are no longer, although sometimes it is difficult to know for sure, but it is clear that at home we don’t have the means to try to find out. Therefore, it is possible that if there are difficulties in seeing it well, it will tell you to carry out more tests or even wait a couple more days once the blood problem is controlled.
  • As soon as you realize that the birth has begun, you should try to supervise it so that, if any complications or problems occur, you can notify the veterinarian as soon as possible. Although, if you want to stay calmer you can look for a specialist to attend the birth.
  • Also, if labor begins, your furry has contractions and in a couple of hours no puppy has started to come out, it is important that you notify the specialist in case it is necessary to perform a cesarean section.

Now that you know the reasons why your furry can bleed during pregnancy and what you should do if this happens, you will have to think about the welfare of kittens that at the end of the pregnancy they are going to arrive. Thus, we advise you to find a suitable home for all of them and that you learn as much as possible about how to care for a newborn cat and other important aspects such as knowing when newborn cats open their eyes.

Why is my pregnant cat bleeding - When to go to the vet with my pregnant cat

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