Why When I Pet My Cat Does It Bite Me?

Why when I pet my cat does it bite me? Those who live with cats know that it is very common that suddenly or while you are quietly playing, the feline decides to bite a hand, afoot, the nose, or the first thing it finds. We must know that the behavior of felines is somewhat complex and that we can easily misinterpret their actions and intentions and, therefore, as colleagues responsible for their well-being and health, we must be well informed of what may be happening and what to do.

Why when I pet my cat does it bite me?

So, if you are worried that your pet will attack and bite you often, keep reading this OneHOWTO article in which we tell you the possible reasons that answer your question about “why when I pet my cat she bites and also what you should do.


Why When I Pet My Cat Does It Bite Me?

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me And Lick Me At The Same Time?

One of the cases that generate the most questions among those who live with cats is the fact that the animal bites, scratches and licks at the same time, because we can see it as aggressive and affectionate behavior at the same time and that this does not fit us well. But, as we have said, feline behavior is complex for us to interpret, so if you think often “my kitten bites and scratches a lot“or you wonder”why does my cat bite me and lick me at the same time” pay attention to the possible reasons for this behavior:

The game for cats

Felines play a lot with each other and using their mouths, both to bite and to lick, is one of the most common forms of communication during playtime. But there are animals that play much more actively and when using their nails and teeth to play they can harm us and, therefore, we should not reward this behavior by following the game. In this case, we must stop the game and start it again with toys until it gets used to it and you manage to stop your cat from scratching and attacking you so much during the game.


Usually as a result of a very active play time, cats become overstimulated and activated to the point of needing to release that energy and sometimes use the bite as an escape route. But, in these cases, it is common that as soon as they bite and scratch us they start to lick us or that they are licking quietly and suddenly stop and bite. You should stop the game that is starting to cause him more stress than fun and let him calm down.

Why when I pet my cat does he bite me - reasons and what to do - Why does my cat bite me and lick me at the same time

Why does my cat bite me when I pet it?

Another of the most common situations that make us wonder why a cat bites us is while we are caressing it calmly. Normally it may seem to us that for no apparent reason the feline decides to bite and run away, but like everything there is always a reason. These are the two main causes of why does a cat bite when we pet it:

Caresses are over

Felines are known to be somewhat independent and know when they want our company and when they prefer to be alone. Surely when you have caressed one after a while it has turned, bit you and moved away or ran away, it is a habitual behavior when they want to tell us that they do not want to be caressed from the beginning, to have us so close or that they no longer want to continue with the caresses because they have had enough. Thus, if your cat does this to you, it will surely not hurt you or bite hard because it is only a warning, which you must respect as it is one of the best ways to prevent your cat from biting and scratching you more.

Token of affection

There are very affectionate cats that, whether you are quietly doing something of your own or paying attention to them, decide to gently bite some part of your body, like a small marking, but in reality it is just a sign of affection. For them it is like a loving caress or pinch. In these cases, which are usually very frequent while we caress them, they are usually bites that neither hurt nor leave a mark because they are a sign of gentle affection and we should not worry, on the contrary, so we will know that they appreciate us.

Why does my cat bite me when I pet it - reasons and what to do - Why does my cat bite me when I pet it

Why does my cat bite a lot and hard?

Finally, another of the situations that leave us perplexed about the behavior of a feline is that we bite hard and hard, but in cases where our feline pet reacts in this way to us, we should be concerned since it may be a symptom that something is not right. Pay attention to the possible reasons that answer your question about “my cat bites me hard and a lot“:


A frightened and fearful cat will defend itself in any situation it considers dangerous or unstable. So ask yourself if your pet has recently experienced something that has caused fear such as a move, a new pet, a visit to the vet, etc., and remove this stimulus from its environment and calm it down by offering it a quiet space and even using appeasing pheromones in spray or environmental diffuser.

Stress and overstimulation

As we have mentioned before, it is easy to overstimulate a feline while we are playing, but stress in cats has the same effect, producing an increase in energy that can cause anxiety if it is not eliminated or redirected well. For this reason, it is important not to stress our pet and offer him games and exercises in a healthy way and not overdo it. If you identify the source of their stress, you should avoid it and remove it from their environment as soon as possible. Likewise, appeasing hormones or pheromones are also very effective in these cases.

Pain or illness

If your pet does not allow you to get close and does not allow himself to be caressed as before or if while you caress him he suddenly bites you, which may be continuous bites and some are strong, he is defending himself from contact because he feels discomfort and pain. Felines don’t show us easily when they’re in pain, so if a cat shows this behavior it usually means he’s in quite a bit of pain. In such a situation you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.

What do I do if my cat bites me?

The first thing you should do for yourself if your cat bites you is to make sure there is no wound and if there is, clean it and treat it as soon as possible. About what to do if your cat bites you To improve your situation, if necessary, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

  • Respect their personal space: sometimes we are too overwhelmed by the character of our pet, so if he tells you that he does not want any more caresses, respect him and let him live. When he wants your company for a longer time, he will let you know.
  • Set rules and limits: If you want your cat to be less aggressive, you will have to teach him to what extent you are willing to continue playing with him if he behaves like this so that he is clear that you can play with him but that you are not a prey that he can hunt or mark. It’s best to make sure you provide enough toys and scratchers.
  • Correct its behavior: If your pet usually marks you with bites and scratches, you should correct his behavior. To teach your cat not to scratch and bite your hands, feet, or arms, you should react calmly when he passes by and move away from him and ignore him for a while and reward him when he interacts well with you.
  • Go to the vet: Whenever you think that something is wrong with your cat or has had some change, you should go to a specialist to check its health and offer you the best solution.

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